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E-M:/ Symposium on Endocrine Disruption with Pete Myers - May 9-10

Enviro-Mich message from Tracey Easthope <tracey@ecocenter.org>

>The Reproductive Sciences Program is hosting a mini-symposium 
>entitled "Environmental Steroids and Reproduction" on May 9-10. 
>The symposium is free and open to the public. Featured speakers 
>include John Peterson Myers, co-author of the book, "Our Stolen 
>Future", a pioneering book on endocrine disruptors.
>See below for more details, or visit:
>Humans and our fellow animals are frequently exposed to natural and 
>steroid hormone-like compounds as part of our diet and environment. 
>These environmental hormones have been shown to cause abnormalities 
>such as hermaphroditism and loss of reproductive function in fish 
>and frogs. It has been proposed that these substances pose a threat 
>to human health by interfering with the natural signals directing 
>body function.

>Whether Earth will remain a place that sustains human life, as we 
>now know it, depends on understanding the risk these environmental 
>steroids pose. The Reproductive Sciences Program will host the 
>mini-symposium, "Environmental Steroids and Reproduction", Thursday 
>and Friday, May 9-10.  The keynote speaker Thursday evening is John 
>Peterson Myers; Dr. Myers is a co-author of the book, "Our Stolen 
>Future", a pioneering book on endocrine disruptors. He will address 
>"Contaminant Effects on Health and the Environment", Thursday 
>evening at 7:00 PM in the Michigan League Ballroom. Friday, 
>beginning at 9:00 AM in the Michigan League Hussey Room, there will 
>be four presentations and a panel discussion by leading researchers 
>in this field. Talks are open to the public and are free.
>If you are concerned with preserving the reproductive health of 
>mankind and our fellow animal species, you are encouraged to attend. 
>See attachments for further details.
>If you would like more information about the symposium or any of the 
>speakers, please contact the committee chair Gary Smith at 
>smithgd@umich.edu or by phone at 764-8142 for all other questions, 
>please call me at 763-0247 or email at malayajm@umich.edu.  Thank 
>Jill Malayang


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