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E-M:/ Tragic loss of family farm to a mega-dairy

Enviro-Mich message from "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org>


I have been sent a letter to the Editor of the Morenci Observer that I want
to share with you -- I have to say few things have made me a sad for the
tragedy we have allowed to be inflicted on our rural communities.  Note that
this farm is in the area of 9 other mega-dairies, so the writer clearly
knows the effects of these facilities:

"Regrets expressed about large dairy

The Taylor Family cannot begin to express the deep sadness that has taken
over our lives at this time and will continue for the rest of our lives.
The farm has been the heart of our family since 1941 when it was purchased
by my grandparents, Roy and Minnie Taylor.  The greatest gift from them was
their love of the farm and the importance of family. That gift could be felt
four generations later, long after they passed away.

Every room of the house, every rose bush, every tree and every inch of the
farmland could spark the wonderful memories that we had all enjoyed.
Grandpa's wish was for it to be home to everyone even when they had their
own homes.  His wish was to have that beautiful property last forever, to be
a remembrance of his hard work and the joy that it brought to him and his
family.  Unfortunately, the farm was ordered to be sold due to the death of
one of the heirs.

The months leading up to this dreaded event have been like a slow death. Our
family farm, our connection with the past, the sights and sounds that spark
those little reminders of all the loved ones that have passed before us
would soon be gone.  What kept us going through the wait was a small hope of
buying some of it back, for grandchildren to enjoy and grow to love the way
we had.  But that did not happen.

The farm, the heart of our family, will hold a mega dairy.  If we had been
asked before the auction what is the worst possible thing that could happen,
the answer would have been that we will lose it all. Now I know the true
answer and it has happened.

So now we offer our deepest regret to our neighbors and friends that will
have to live with the possible effects of the dairy. We are truly sorry that
this has happened and would never in a million years have done this if it
had been up to us.  We loved the farm and the neighborhood just the way it

So, as you drive by in the future and resent the giant buildings, the smell
and the flies, please try to remember it as it was: a beautiful farm that
was home to five generations who will miss it terribly.

We were not the ones that invited the mega dairy into our community.  We
respect your right to live the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself and
your families.  We are just sorry that other people do not feel that way.


Debbie Miller and family

Representing other family members:
Andy Taylor, Richard Taylor, Robert Taylor and family, Gary Taylor and
family, Frank Beckett, Pat Beckett and family, Joanne Beckett-McGuire and
family, Roger Leininger and family, Harold Leininger and family, Jerry
Leininger and family, Roberta Spadafore and family and Robin Scott and

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