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Hi Rita:  This has been the topic of several news articles, several in Michigan, dating back about 5 weeks -- around the first week of April .  Barging nuclear waste to/from ports on Lake Michigan was listed as one alternative to be considered by DOE as a way to ultimately transport waste to Yucca Mountain.  Muskegon was named as one of the potential ports.    I am not exactly sure, but think this alternative was part of an environmental impact study.  LMF was asked its opinion and expressed doubts that it would ever become a real option, due to the value of the lake, the hazard of the waste and shipping it, and the potential for strong public opposition.  Shortly after the first several articles, there was another article that has DOE saying it was not being considered.
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Here’s an incredibly bad idea!  We just banned new directional drilling under the Great Lakes in Michigan, partly because of the potential threat to the drinking water supply of 33 million people, and NOW they want to ship nuclear waste across Lake Michigan??   This bad idea was proposed by the US Department of Energy – more handy work by Spenser Abraham??  Has he no clue at all about the value of clean fresh water????  Obviously NOT!!!


Does anyone have any more information about this, like when is the public comment period, and geez – why didn’t we hear about it from the American press??  Please post to all of us, I’m sure we all need to know more about this one!!  










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Critics condemn plan to ship nuclear waste across Lake Michigan
Updated Wed May 1 13:34:25 2002


WASHINGTON-- A proposal by the United States could see nuclear waste carried across Lake Michigan by barge, a plan the Canadian government does not seem to know about.

Under a new program likely to become law this summer, nuclear waste from the U.S. will be stored in a cavern dug out of Nevada's Yucca Mountain.


It will be shipped by truck or rail, raising concerns from major U.S. cities along the route who fear a collision or derailment could lead to a leak.


But the U.S. Department of Energy also announced plans to ship thousands of tonnes of nuclear waste from reactors on the shores of Lake Michigan to transfer sites on nearby railroads.

Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich condemned the idea last week on Capitol Hill.


"Over 35 million people living in the Great Lakes basin get their drinking water from the Great Lakes and I venture to guess they will not appreciate the fact that nuclear waste is being shipped across their drinking water," said Kucinich.




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