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E-M:/ Spartan Asphalt in Lansing

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Cruising around MDEQ's web site....here is the
interesting case of the Spartan Asphalt plant on
Wood Street and enforcement for air and hazardous
waste violations, including air pollution nuisance
and PCB issues...


(scroll down the page for the entries on Spartan Asphalt)

What could an environmentally conscious state do about
non-complying asphalt plants (if it wanted to??)....?
Michigan needs the state equivalent of a federal debarrment
regulation.  A debarrment regulation provides that
a governmental entity shall not do business with an entity
that is the subject of unresolved environmental, health and safety 
violations.  "Unresolved" means outstanding notices of
violaion or lack of agreement to pay necessary penalties for
past violation.

Given that many of Spartan Asphalts products are ultimately
purchased for use on state roads, either directly or indirectly,
such a regulation would tend to speed compliance.  In the
case of the Spartan Asphalt Wood Street Plant, MDEQ is correcting
by order in 2002 violations that go back to 1997-98.  It shouldn't
take that long to get environmental compliance from a contractor
doing business with the State of Michigan.  Of course we
would first have to overcome the resistance of the Michigan
Asphalt Paving Association.....

Public comment on the proposed consent order is due
May 8, and MDEQ will entertain requests for a public
hearing made by May 8.

Given the large commercial development going in just South
of this facility and public complaints I've heard
about emissions from this facility, I'd be willing to bet
that Spartan Asphalt's days at this site are numbered.

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