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E-M:/ BONIOR Endorsed by Friends of Earth at Fuel Cell Event - 1pm Today

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>

The following is a press release for the Friends of the Earth endorsement
event today for David Bonior for Governor.  Fuel Cells and where they are
constructed (urban areas that need revitalization or greenfields) to be
highlighted as key difference with Engler/Posthumus.


Friends of the Earth Action --- an environmental group to endorse
Bonior-Smith at a news conference highlighting the need to reduce urban
spawl and the effect of unfair trade policies on our cities

May 2, 2002							Contact: (586) 468-5512
Friends of the Earth Action, an international environmental group that has
championed the environment and fought for international trade deals that
include environmental protections and worker’s rights, will endorse David
Bonior For Governor at a news conference Friday, May 3, 2002 at 1 p.m. in
York Township, South of Ann Arbor, off US-23 on Willis Road before Platt.

Brent Blackwelder, national president of Friends of The Earth Action, will
be traveling to Michigan to make the announcement. Friends of the Earth has
over 1 million members in 69 countries.

“The Engler-Posthumus Administration has been a disaster for the environment
and David Bonior is the best candidate to turn Michigan around,” Blackwelder

“Bonior has a proven record of fighting to keep urban sprawl in check,
stopping Michigan from becoming a dumping ground for Canadian or
out-of-state trash, and protecting Michigan’s lakes, rivers and streams.”

Friends of the Earth and David Bonior chose the York Township location to
highlight the location of Engler’s NextEnergy proposal. Bonior, a vocal
proponent of promoting fuel cell technology, has criticized Engler for his
choice of locations.

“Technological and environmental innovation can revitalize our urban areas,
create jobs and protect our environment at the same time,” Bonior said. “The
Engler-Posthumus administration’s decision to locate NextEnergy in the
middle of a cornfield is a missed opportunity for our urban centers. Why not
Detroit? Flint? Saginaw? Or Highland Park? These communities need the
investment and tax base to turn things around, and it’s a leader’s
responsibility to help them do that.  Our cities need real leadership -
someone who will make tough decisions … Someone who will direct state
resources to revitalize our cities, not create more sprawl.”

Bonior recently received the endorsement of Clean Water Action and the
Sierra Club.

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