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E-M:/ Bonior and Issues Affecting Women

Enviro-Mich message from Diane Koskela <dkoskela@mtu.edu>

In February, David Bonior visited the Upper Peninsula and during his
stop in Houghton he was quoted in a Daily Mining Gazette interview as
saying that he was pro-life. I have looked on his web site and nowhere
do I find any mention of his views on abortion or family planning. I see
nothing even under the ďa fighter on issues affecting womenĒ section.
Does anyone, other than myself, find it odd that a candidate running for
governor would exclude his views on such important issues? In my
opinion, women's access to reproductive health services are crucial to
environmental health and Iím very uncomfortable with a candidate who is
not forthcoming about where he stands on these issues. It isnít my
intention to turn this discussion into a debate over abortion, but
considering the Sierra Clubís pro stance on global population and family
planning, Iím a bit confused by their endorsement. I think we've all
seen what can happen when politicians successfully skirt around the
abortion issue (hint: look who is living in the White House), and I'm
wary of candiates who aren't upfront about their views.

Diane Koskela
Houghton, Michigan

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