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Re: E-M:/ Mobile Park Rezoning

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I just read Andrew Mutch's response and he is right on. I also urge you to 
get a large turnout at any PZ meetings regarding the issue. This helps the PZ 
Commission justify declining the request. 

Have each citizen present a copy of their written statement (in letter form) 
to each member of the PZ Commission and to any press that is there. Each 
citizen can read their letter during public comment and request that it be 
entered into the minutes of the meeting. 

Determine what all the issues are and then have various individuals write 
about each one, so that everybody doesn't end up covering just one or two 
issues over and over.

Get a copy of the Twp. Ordinances and make sure that the majority of the 
concerns brought before the Commission relate DIRECTLY to some part of the 
ordinances. This is the only guide the Commission can go by or will consider.

Barry Twp.

>From Andrew Mutch/Novi

The key to opposing these massive mobile home parks is
getting informed as much as possible. Get your hands
on the Township zoning and Master Plan maps and any
information related to woodlands, wetlands, waterways
and other environmental features as well as utilities
and infrastructure.  Once you have that info., you
need to organize your neighbors and get them to turn
out for the public hearing at both the Planning
Commission and the Township Board. In most cases, the
Township does not want this anymore than you do. But
they need to hear from you. Also, it is important to
get this information into the public record. Landon is
known for threatening litigation to get their way and
if they go that route, you want this information
available to the judge who hears the case.

Some issues that you should focus on:

1) Need: One argument developers make is that there is
a "need" for affordable housing and that the MH park
provides it. They often claim that state law mandates
that Townships provides locations for MH parks. If you
can show that the Township already has existing MH
parks or provides appropriate locations for them, you
have a much better chance of winning if it goes to
court. Also, look at surrounding communities and see
if they have MH parks. If they are in close proximity
to your Township, they should be counted as well.

2) Appropriate Location: Just because a developer can
build a MH park, this might not be the appropriate
location for one. If there is no water and sewer
service available, if the roads are not paved, if
there is no police or fire service in the immediate
area, if there is not a school in the nearby area,
then this is most definitely not an appropriate
location for this scale of development. Demonstrate
all of these points.  You don't have to suggest an
alternative location but just show why this site
should not be developed in this way.  

One VERY important point that you need to convey to
the people in opposition is that NO ONE should be up
there making the argument that "We don't want those
kinds of people around here". Whatever you personally
think of people who live in MH parks, developers LOVE
to run into court and point to these comments as an
example of exclusionary zoning, which is illegal. Stay
focused on the land use and its impact and not on the
quality of the development or the people who may live
there. Those kinds of comments never have a place in
discussion about land use changes and can't be part of
the bodies decision anyways.

Good luck!

Andrew Mutch

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