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Re: E-M:/ Mobile Park Rezoning

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WilliamTobler wrote:

<< As a Planning Commissioner member myself, I find it curious that we cannot 
consider the impact upon schools by crowding and costs shifted to other 
property owners.  It's a political/legal matter that developed in Michigan. 
However, it IS legitimate to consider the impact upon other public services 
such as water, sewer, roads, fire, police and whatever.  These facilities 
contribute next to nothing in tax revenues for these services, but the 
facilities inhabitants frequently demand more than an equal share for the 
services, and they vote in elections to increase YOUR taxes to pay for the 
services that they want and don't have to pay for. >>

Mr. Tobler brings up an interesting point about the impact upon "other public 
services." Question for Mr. Tobler: How is the impact of a mobile home 
development, regarding public services, brought into the Planning and Zoning 
proceedings? Should the PZ Commission, Township or public request a written 
impact statement from the various public services? I would think that 
Township officials would be responsive to the public's concern of increased 

In a small or rural community the per capita cost of expanding a sewer/water 
system can be considerable. Should taxpayers subsidize the development? It 
seems to me that the developers, who are going to profit from the MHP, should 
cover all their costs up front.

For information on the economic impact of new development go to google.com 
and do a search on:  "cost of community services"

Example:  http://www.farmlandinfo.org/fic/tas/tafs-cocs.html

Wes Knollenberg
Barry Twp.

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