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E-M:/ RE: / GM Agrees on Pollution Limits: No Appeal Will be Pursued

To those who took up this fight, who held firm in the face of being called
"blackmailers" on the front page of the Lansing State Journal, who were
verbally whip-lashed by the Mayor and dragged through fruitless meeting
after meeting where the only message was that they should abandon efforts to
protect the health of Lansing citizens, who were personally attacked in the
media in Lansing, who were deluged with phone calls prompted by radio jocks
who suffered a total failure to understand the issues, who were picketed as
a result of the hysterical frothing in the media about this:


It takes incredible fortitude to hold firm in the face of the outrageous
attacks that occurred.  The result?? People in Lansing will BREATHE BETTER,
children who attend Sexton High School next to the plant will have a chance
of avoiding pollutants that hurt their health, the winds into downtown
Lansing, even into the Capitol, from the Craft Center may actually be

This issue should NEVER have reached this point -- Michigan DEQ officials
had an obligation to force clean up of the air long ago, but failed --
Michigan DEQ officials had an obligation to assure the permits for the new
facility were adequate to protect the health of this community, but they
declined to.  Political leaders failed the people of these neighborhoods, so
once again it took citizens and environmental groups to hold the line and
refuse to be run over.  In particular, thanks to James Clift, who took much
of the heat, and to the folks at MEC, the Ecology Center, and the citizens
in the neighborhood who refused to give in.

Anne Woiwode

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> GM Agrees on Pollution Limits:  No Appeal Will be Pursued
> Statement of the Michigan Environmental Council and the Ecology Center
> We are pleased to announce that negotiations have resulted in an agreement
> with GM which will protect public health and address the environmental
> concerns of neighborhood residents, the Michigan Environmental Council,
> and Ecology Center.  As a result of this agreement, none of the parties
> will proceed with an appeal of the air permit for the Lansing Craft
> Centre. 
> Today's agreement calls for the company to cut 130 tons of dangerous VOC
> emissions from its nearby Lansing Car Assembly (Verlinden) assembly plant
> if emissions from the Lansing Craft Centre exceed a predetermined
> threshold.  GM has also agreed to engage in aggressive pollution
> prevention efforts to reduce emissions at the Craft Centre before it
> becomes fully operational.  Lastly, GM will test the pollution control
> effectiveness of its basecoat paint water-wash process, so that better
> data will be available for future permitting decisions. 
> The Michigan Environmental Council and Ecology Center would like to thank
> those workers, area residents and concerned citizens who supported our
> efforts to work out a solution that both limits pollution in the adjacent
> neighborhoods and allows GM to proceed with construction of the SSR.  We
> are pleased that these difficult negotiations have resulted in a cleaner,
> more robust operation for Lansing, and will provide a healthier
> neighborhood for all residents and workers.     
> Despite this agreement, we acknowledge that underlying issues pertaining
> to the permit's compliance with the Clean Air Act are unresolved and may
> arise when the MDEQ reissues the air permit for the Delta Township plant.
> This week we plan to call on officials at both the EPA and MDEQ to review
> the process followed in issuing the Craft Centre permit, and take the
> necessary steps to avoid a recurrence of the same problems.    
> This agreement reinforces our belief that advances in technology allow us
> to build automobiles without exposing workers or our communities to
> harmful levels of pollution. The Michigan Environmental Council and
> Ecology Center invite others to join in our work to protect the public
> health of our communities. 
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