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E-M:/ Meeting on Edible Coatings on Fruits and Vegetables

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This is a meeting sponsored by the MSU section of
the American Chemical Society....

Date: Tue, 21 May 2002 11:28:34 -0400 (EDT)
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MSU Local Section Meeting Reminder

"Edible Coatings on Food, or How To Keep Fruits and Vegetables Fresh after 
Light Processing"

Speaker: Dr. Attila E. Pavlath, 2002 Immediate Past President American 
Chemical Society
Western Regional Research Center, USDA

Thursday, May 23, 2002
4 PM
1420 Biomedical and Physical Sciences Building

Reception will follow in 329 Chemistry Building.

Various fruits and vegetables need to be pared, cored and/or sliced before 
consumption, but such light processing deprives the commodity of its 
natural protection against dehydration and discoloration. Such processed 
agricultural products must be used immediately after processing or 
protected by refrigeration and/or special atmosphere storage. A new 
approach has been found to coat fruits and vegetables after processing with 
an edible film that protects against undesirable changes, keeps the produce 
fresh, and allows their consumption without the removal of the coating. An 
emulsion of proteins, carbohydrates, and waxes is used to create a thin 
coating on the surface of the processed fruits and vegetables. This coating 
is tasteless and nearly invisible. When applied to pieces of apple, pear, 
and zucchini, no dehydration and discoloration were evident for up to five 
days. The lecture will describe various combinations of the components and 
pinpoint future directions.

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