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E-M:/ White Lake Twp. Landon Hearing

Enviro-Mich message from Shannon.L.Carravallah@jci.com

Last night, May 20th, was the first hearing for the Landon Holding's
proposed rezoning of 106 acres in White Lake Township. The rezoning was

The turnout filled Lakeland High School's auditorium and left many
standing. The residents who stepped forward to speak were well prepared
with statistics and facts. Guest speakers opposing the rezoning included a
high ranking representative of Holly Schools (Holly is the school district
for the proposed rezoning area).

Armed with a book of facts and ready to speak my piece, I ultimately chose
not too. The planning department stated early in the hearing before public
input that they were opposed to the rezoning due to a direct conflict to
the Master Plan, traffic impacts to the accessing dirt road, impact on
other community services, etc.
It was clear that the board concurred.

I am still very much concerned. History has shown me that this is only
phase 1 of an impending long and drawn out battle. Landon sent a single
representative to the meeting who appeared to be still wet behind the ears.
All the usual statements were made regarding Landon complexes being high
end and fulfilling a need by providing low income housing for young
families and retirees to an area where the average home value is $200,000+.

What Landon neglected to acknowledge was the 6 existing MHP's in White Lake
which make up 17.5% of the existing housing. These parks have literally
hundreds of manufactured homes for sale.

I have two questions for E-M members who have had similar previous
experiences with Landon.

The first is if there is any possibility that Landon will walk away from
this one. Has it ever occurred that a township was so well represented that
Landon just walked away from the table?

I did not like the way Landon approached the hearing. They gave a quick
idealistic summary of their complexes and chose not to answer any questions
posed by citizens at the time of the hearing. The Landon representative
stated that these questions would be addressed in written format to the
township at a later date.

It appeared to me that Landon knew full well that the first hearing would
result in denial and that they were simply in attendance to put their
feelers out. A false sense of security may very well be their mode of
operation prior to the attack.

My second question is regarding McKeachie which is the dirt road that
accesses the proposed area for rezoning. An individual representing the
local road authorities made a statement that because McKeachie is not paved
and is not a major thoroughfare that Landon would not have to comply with
the standard R-3 access ordinances.

Is this statement true? If so, that is one heck of a large loophole.
McKeachie was nominated to be a Natural Beauty Road and at present has very
low traffic volume. It is equestrian friendly. The thought that it could
become the only access to a community of up to 600+ homes chills me to the

Forgive me if I've been too long winded. I'm very concerned  The members of
E-M were a tremendous source of information and knowledge in preparing for
this battle and I thank you will all my heart for your support.

Shannon Carravallah
White Lake Twp.

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