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Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

A friendly, concerned state employee writes the following.....

I regret that I will not be able to attend THE GUV CANDIDATE ENVIRO
DEBATE FORUM in Brighton.
Had I been able to attend I was hoping to ask or find out more about
the following:

                       How would you characterize the current body of
environmental and regulatory law - sufficient, insufficient, organized,
disorganized * What would you change (add or repeal) especially with
respect to non renewable resources?

                       What are your plans for the organization and
commitment of resources to State government vis a vis the DNR / DEQ
split, budget cuts and early retirement.

                       What do you think of the environmental 'record'
of the current administration?

I hope these points can be addressed.

Thank you for sponsoring and coordinating this valuable service to

SAGADY ADDs the following:

There are beginning to be rumors circulating about an
impending reorganization of MDEQ that LAME DUCKS
HARDING AND NASH plan to drastically reorganize MDEQ from
a program driven organization (i.e. air division, water
division, waste division)...to a function driven organization
(get rid of air, water, waste, etc. divisions, instead you'd
have a permit division, an enforcement division, a environmental
assessment/risk assessment division, technical services division,
etc.)   This would seem to be the final damaging blow that
would cripple and throw into chaos DEQ operations already
reeling from early retirement and budget problems.  (although early 
retirement will probably be encouraging to younger employees with career
ambitions).   Functional organization would be the ultimate
Harding/Nash "lateral transfer outside of your expertise.."

This would make Michigan's agency like that of Texas or


We all know what a great job Louisiana and Texas do on environmental controls.

The fundamental problem with functional organization is that the
managers and decisionmakers can never be knowledgeable enough
about the extremely broad range of regulatory authority and
fact issues on which they must deliberate.

Meanwhile, Blanchard wants to bust apart environmental functions
by separating Great Lakes/water pollution regulation from all of
the other environmental functions.  Blanchard's plan is probably the
most bizarre, least insightful of any I've heard from the candidates
on environmental agency organization.

Also, given the traditional Detroit Free Press blind spot about
air pollution and ozone, one wonders if anyone will ask whether
Michigan should continue to allow the petroleum industry to
release uncontrolled gasoline vapors from the filling of
consumers' tanks at gas stations.....one of the most, if not the
most significant, sources of uncontrolled smog precursor emissions
in the state.   Many other jurisdictions with smog problems have
already controlled these emissions, but not Michigan.  Just what
will these candidates do to control widespread, unhealthy air
pollution in both Western and Southeastern Michigan.  Can they
connect the dots between lax rules, sprawl, lousy public transportation,
inadequate enforcement, etc.?

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