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E-M:/ RTA hearing tomorrow!!!! 05.22 - 9:30 am

The original working group on the Regional Transportation Authority worked until after 7:30 this evening.  The negotiators are close to an agreement.  The Senate declined to review House Bills 5467 and 5468 on Tuesday and postponed discussion in the the Senate Transportation and Tourism until 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, First Floor Farnham Senate office building.  If an agreement is reached overnight, the bill will be taken up immediately.  If Labor  and the others need more time, the committee will be recessed until later in the day.  Those closest to this bill, which is crucial to moving forward with better transit  on Southeast Michigan, expect the DARTA legislation to be voted out of committee tomorrow.  Those of us who have worked on this next step are cautiously optimistic.

We are encouraging everyone who can make it to Lansing, to come and show support for the DARTA.  Because of the uncertainty, it may take until the afternoon for the final vote.
Thanks to all who have brought us this far.

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