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E-M:/ Clean Money Election Forum on June 9th

Michigan Citizens:

If your an environmentalist, a social justice activist, a peace activist, a promoter of sensible gun control, a citizen concerned about the outrageous cost of medicine, a senior citizen worried about social security, or just a citizen concerned about the fact that our democracy isn't working as it was meant to work you should attend the Clean Money Election Forum on June 9th,
from 1:30 to 4:00 PM, at the First Unitarian-Universalist Church of Detroit.

Big money in politics has corrupted our democracy for far too long.  When our elected officials are no longer beholden to the big campaign contributors, they will be more willing to listen to their constituents and care for the public and our environment.  Enron is a perfect example of how the public was harmed by political bribery.  But we can change things...
"we can take back our democracy, we can take it back for the people!"

This event is being sponsored by the Michigan Election Reform Coalition (MERC), Public Interest Research Group in Michigan (PIRGIM), and Committee for the Political Resurrection of Detroit (CPR).

The event has been endorsed by: Granny D (Doris Haddock), US Rep John Conyers, Alliance for Democracy, Common Cause in Michigan, Detroit Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, Gray Panthers of Metro Detroit, Michigan Environmental Council, Michigan NAACP, Michigan NOW, Michigan Sierra Club, Public Campaign and WAND.
Jack Lessenberry, who is a columnist for the Oakland Press and Metro Times, and is a journalism professor at Wayne State University, will be the facilitator for the forum. There will be six elected officials discussing their viewpoints on how money in politics hurts our democracy and possible solutions. We will be inviting many elected officials and all state level candidates from Southeast Michigan to attend as part of the audience.  This is not a candidate debate but an educational forum. Our goal is to educate the citizens of Michigan, including candidates, about clean money campaign reform and the fact that there is a proven, workable solution (as verified by Maine and Arizona) on how we can get money out of politics.  

The elected officials who were invited to be members of the panel were selected in an effort to provide a representation of conservatives and liberals, gender, ethnic groups, and elected officials who support public funding and who are opposed to public funding.  The candidates who at this point in time have accepted our invitation to participate on the panel are:

   Michigan State Supreme Court Justice Marilyn Kelly
   Michigan State Senator Joe Schwarz
   Michigan State Senator Alma Wheeler Smith
   Michigan State Representative John Pappageorge
   Michigan State Representative Mary Waters   
   Michigan State Board of Education Member John Austin

Lynn Hartung
Coordinator of the Michigan Election Reform Coalition