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Enviro-Mich message from "Maryann Whitman" <maryannwhitman2@hotmail.com>

Something has always bothered me about using plants or algae or anything 
along those lines to "sequester" something noxious be it in soil or water.  
Once the noxious item is "sequestered" shouldn't one then have to remove the 
carcasses and do something else with them in order that the noxoius item not 
end up back where it was to begin with?

With some noxious organic molecules I understand that the "sequestering" 
process might actually reconstitute them and render them 
'harmless'....But...nothing (short of alchemy or nuclear tampering) will 
transmogrify lead.  Right?

This is the sort of question that Rane Curl has always handled very well.

Maryann Whitman

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>Date: Wed, 22 May 2002 17:29:59 EDT
>In a message dated 05/22/2002 12:24:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
>ishgooda@voyager.net writes:
>What aquatic species will find the newest harebrained bio created "fix" an
>irresistible delicacy...and thus make it easier for these sediments to 
>the food chain than at present?
> > http://www.sg.ohio-state.edu/publications/economics/tl-0798metal.html
> >
>While I find your concern about bioengineering algal forms valid, to 
>the approach completely out of hand seems unwarranted.  More appropriately, 
>think, would be a discussion of the parameters and criteria by which such a
>critter would be used; what conditions would need to be met in its use;
>assessment of risks of use; escape potential and consequences, prevention,
>etc.  Homo sapien needs all the tools we can get, but we have been known to
>misuse them.  However, to refuse to explore options is not much wiser 
>If you have a philosophical or ethical objection to GE, I can easily accept

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