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E-M:/ Seeking organizer for Jeffords national bottle bill

Enviro-Mich message from "Pete Pasterz" <ppasterz@pplant.msu.edu>

Seems like there may be some Michigan interest/expertise?

>>> "David Markert" <dmarkert@container-recycling.org> 05/24/02 04:50PM >>>
The GrassRoots Recycling Network and Container Recycling Institute are
looking to hire a contract organizer for the next 8 weeks to marshal support
for Senator Jeffords' National Beverage Producer Responsibility Act of 2002,
S. 2220 (a new kind of national bottle bill), before hearings planned in
July.  Primary outreach will be via email, phone and mail to
decision-makers, activists and other stakeholders in our databases, and can
be done remotely.

We seek someone who is up to speed on deposit issues and who is a skilled
communicator with consumers and elected officials.  The objective of this
campaign is to get co-sponsors for S. 2220 and to get letters of support
from organizations, associations and local governments.  We also aim to
raise the profile of the deposits issue by highlighting opposition from the
beverage industry; therefore experience with media and event organizing is a

If you know of a good candidate, please contact:
Bill Sheehan 706-613-7121 zerowaste@grrn.org  or
Pat Franklin  703-276-9800  pfranklin@container-recycling.org 

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