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E-M:/ NMEAC Talent Show Fundraiser June 15 in Traverse City

Press Release from
the Northern Michigan Environmental Action Council
June 5, 2002

For further information contact:

Christine Smith, Talent Show Coordinator
        (231) 929-1732
        E-Mail: ckmciver@aol.com

       Ken Smith, NMEAC Chair
        (231) 947-3280
        E-Mail:  ken@greatprograms.org

Giant Tree-Huggers Talent Show Announced
Robin Lee Berry To Be Headline Act;
19 Other Groups Performing at Traverse City's Milliken Auditorium June 15

NMEAC is hosting an exciting event on June 15 aimed at saving one of our area's greatest treasures: the Boardman River valley.   Twenty groups, including regional jazz singer Robin Lee Berry, will perform in the First Annual Tree-Huggers' Talent Show at NMC's Milliken Auditorium in Traverse City. 

In addition to Robin Lee Berry, other acts will include guitarist/singer Morgan Coyne, cello/piano duet by Eva Lymenstaull and Susan Day, comedy skits by NMEAC, the Sierra Club and the Michigan Land Use Institute, drummers, storytellers and a variety of other local talent.  The show will be hosted by long-time Traverse City performer and civic leader Bryan Crough.

Advance tickets at $12 are on sale at Oryana Food Co-op and can be ordered by phone by calling the NMEAC office at 231-946-6931.  Tickets at the door will be $14.

The show is a fundraiser to support a lawsuit filed by NMEAC and four other regional and national environmental groups to stop the proposed Boardman River bridge project. (To learn more about the lawsuit, please visit http://www.mlui.org/projects/transport/tcbypass/tcintro.html  )

"The Hammond-Hartman road and bridge fight is the biggest campaign NMEAC has ever been involved in," said  NMEAC chair Ken Smith.  "The stakes are the biggest in our generation.  We will either lose or save one of our area's most important natural and recreational treasures.  Once the Boardman River valley is gone, it is gone forever," Smith said.

"The Talent Show will be a blast!" said show coordinator Christine Smith.  The acts were selected through an open audition process that began in mid-April.  Some, such as Robin Lee Berry's, feature original songs and long time Northern Michigan favorites.  Others are brand new, developed especially for the show.

"Nobody will escape un-scathed," said Christine Smith.  "We'll be making fun of ourselves as well as everybody else. And the music will be great."  Environmentalists as well as developers, local politicians and road-builders are among the targets of satirical music and skits  that the songwriters and skitwriters will roll out on June 15.

The curtain will rise at 7:00 p.m.

Ken Smith,
539 East Eighth Street
Traverse City, MI 49686
Phone 231-947-3280
Fax 231-947-5734
Mr. Kelly Thayer
Transportation Project Manager
Michigan Land Use Institute

205 South Benzie Boulevard
P.O. Box 500
Beulah, MI 49617

Ph: 231-882-4723
Fax: 231-882-7350
E-mail: kelly@mlui.org
Internet: http://www.mlui.org/