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Call for Papers

Environmental Justice: Gender, Sexuality, and Activism: An Anthology

Deadline: June 15, 2002

Essays from any discipline that examine issues of gender or sexuality as
pertinent to environmental justice concerns and/or movements. While race and
class are regularly addressed in environmental justice studies, the
predominance of women, particularly women of color, in grass-roots
environmental justice movements also raises significant questions about the
relationship of gender and sexuality to environmental justice concerns and
activism. This book will focus on such intersections from a range of

Possible topics and approaches:

- Analysis of representations of environmental justice/gender/sexuality
issues in literature, film, visual or performance arts

- Interviews with women organizers/activists that raise issues of gender
and/or cross-cultural analysis of gender and activism

- Statements from women environmental justice organizers/activists

- Reinterpretations of feminist activism/community activism in light of
environmental justice issues and contexts

- Analysis of women's health issues, family health issues, and/or social
health issues as environmental justice concerns

- Body as environment: Analysis of sexuality issues such as birth control,
abortion, sterilization, heterosexism as environmental justice issues

- Toxic environments/toxic ideologies/racism, classism, sexism, and
heterosexism/hate crimes as an environmental justice issue

- Effects of globalization on women as an environmental justice issue

These are only suggestions and we are open to a wide range of
approaches/topics. We are particularly interested in essays that move
outside of U.S. perspectives.

Please send inquiries or 500-word abstracts and one-page vita by June 15 to:

Rachel Stein
1035 Balltown Rd.
Niskayuna, NY 12309

or via email: nrstein@aol.com

Rachel Stein directs the Women's and Multicultural Studies programs at Siena
College. She is co-editor of The Environmental Justice Reader: Politics,
Poetics and Pedagogy and author of Shifting the Ground: American Women
Writers' Revisions of Nature, Gender and Race.

Dusty Fancher
Transportation and Land Use Policy Specialist
Michigan Environmental Council
phone 517-487-9539
fax 517-487-9541

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