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E-M:/ West Nile Virus info

Title: West Nile Virus info
Spring, and our minds turn to--pesticides?  I wanted to share the following information from Beyond Pesticide about steps to take in response to West Nile virus, which has shown up here in Michigan. If you'd like more info, please feel free to contact Jessica at jlunsford@beyondpesticides.org.

Don't let West Nile virus scare you into accepting the spraying of dangerous pesticides in your community!
 The Michigan Department of Community Health has confirmed the first case of West Nile virus (WNv) in the state this year. The time to start acting is before the mosquito season is in full swing. A dead West Nile infected crow has already been found. WNv is on the move; counties and states including Michigan are turning to the aerial spraying of dangerous pesticides in an attempt to control this potential problem.

Traditional aerial spraying is not only a public health threat but also an ineffective way to prevent the spread of this potentially deadly disease. This concern has lead to the creation of the Public Health Mosquito Management Strategy combining public education, source reduction, and natural controls, with a multileveled response plan. The proposal combines the safest and most effective methods from variety of existing state and municipal plans. Designed to respond to varying levels of disease incidence in the mosquito, bird, equine and human communities the plan conforms to the differing variables encountered in real situations. Local public health officials need to take a close look at how to control West Nile without poisoning people with ineffective and dangerous pesticides. This plan includes the safest methods to prevent WNv.

If you are concerned about pesticides spraying in your community, want a copy of the strategy, and want to get involved, please act now and contact Jessica Lunsford at Beyond Pesticides.

Jessica Lunsford
Beyond Pesticides


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