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At 04:26 PM 6/18/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I would have to agree.  It doesn't do the environmental community much 
>good to have a Governor that just talks the talk ....

This is the problem I have with Granholm.  All I see her doing to
claiming credit for work and leadership on environmental
matters created and/or ongoing by her environmental division, not by her.  I
don't see any evidence at all of any environmental accomplishments,
leadership, state policy changes favoring the environment, etc.
arising from her tenure as Attorney General that are specifically
due to her leadership as a primary motivator.   She's been completely
ineffective at restraining excesses of the Engler Administration.
Her predecessor, Frank Kelley, was at times quite vocal and
independent in criticizing excesses of the Engler Administration.

She's been missing from the action on the environment, just like she was
missing from exercising judgement and supervision over no-bid contracts
at the Detroit Metro airport as Wayne County's top attorney....an attorney
who can't get the message across on propriety to a boss like Ed McNamara.

>   Having spent years working with Theo Colborn at WWF, Rick Hind at 
> Greenpeace, and others at NRDC, NWF and ED on endocrine disrupters and 
> associated issues (including but not limited to dioxins) , I was really 
> taken aback at Bonior's statement and felt it that it was a big red flag 
> for me.  It really highlights and illustrates Bonior's total lack of 
> understanding of the issue.

Huh??  While Jennifer Granholm was still riding tricycles, David
Bonior crafted one of the nation's first laws to ban sale, use and
manufacturing of poly-chlorinated biphenyls as a young state legislator
in the mid-1970s.   Note that it was David Bonior who rode shotgun
for the opposition to Newt Gingrich's "Contract on America"....a plan
for massive deregulation and disassembly of environmental protections.
This role earned Bonior the emnity of the extreme right with repeated
attacks on his opposition leadership....Bonior didn't go hide in a
corner in the face of this attack and this is a tribute to his
strength and leadership.

This current flap about PCDD/PCDF not being a pesticide is obviously
a case of a PR guy in the campaign who didn't take enough environmental
science classes at UM and/or MSU and is in beyond his depth.  Dave will take
care of this...

Bonior is the kind of politician who will listen to serious people
talking about serious pollution problems as he did when he listened
to MDNR/John Hesse and me on PCBs in the 1970's.

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