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E-M:/ People and Land Announces Funding Opportunity for Land Use Projects

People and Land Announces Funding Opportunity for Land Use Projects

People and Land (PAL) will accept funding proposals for its 2002 grant
cycle this July. Just over one million dollars is currently available,
from which PAL intends to fund projects that accomplish the following

*	Increase the public's understanding of land use management and
its impact on Michigan's environment, economy, and quality of life
*	Develop local and state land use leaders
*	Aid in the development of local and state land use policies
*	Examine and remove policy barriers that inhibit mutually
beneficial land-use change
*	Identify and develop successful land use planning models

Information regarding proposal requirements and guidelines can be
accessed now on PAL's website at www.peopleandland.org. Proposal
submissions will be accepted from July 8 through July 31, 2002, via
PAL's e-Grant Application System on the PAL website. Proposals that are
not submitted using PAL's e-Grant Application System or are submitted
after the July 31 deadline will not be considered for funding. Grants
are targeted for award in late-August/early-September of 2002.

PAL a relatively new funding source for organizations working in land
use education, planning, and public policy research and analysis in
Michigan. Its mission is to enable people in Michigan to live in
diverse, healthy communities that are environmentally sustainable,
economically viable, and socially equitable. 

Julie Metty, Senior Consultant
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People and Land 
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