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The spring edition of Michigan Areas of Concern News is now online.  The 
newsletter, produced by
the Michigan Statewide Public Advisory Council (SPAC), includes articles on 
the following topics:

- Delisting guidelines finalized for U.S. Areas of Concern (The guidelines 
are also online.  See link below.)
- SPAC RAP priorities conveyed to state legislators
- Great Lakes Conservation Task Force report
- Guest Feature by Senator Ken Sikkema on the Task Force report
- Human health concerns in the Great Lakes and AOCs
- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers RAP program
- Sewer system funding needs
- Contaminated sediments in the Lake Erie - Lake St. Clair drainage basin
- AOC updates

For these articles and more, visit 
To view the Delisting Principles and Guidelines, go to 
For a hard copy of either of these publications, contact the Great Lakes 
Commission at 734-665-9135, glc@great-lakes.net.

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