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Re: E-M:/ Sierra Club v. River Ridge Farms

John, I apologize for not identifying myself (I assumed that those who would be interested already knew), but if not, Mr. Isherwood identified that fact in his message, so I didn't feel the need to repeat it.
I will be the first to admit (not apologetically) that I am biased.  Of course I am.  But the facts as I have presented them are accurate.  On the other hand, the press release for Sierra Club, as well as their follow up post was also written by their attorney, who I trust, will also admit his bias in this matter.  I am simply trying to de-bunk their suggestion that any of the improvements made at River Ridge or White Acres were done as a result of the Sierra Club suit.  In truth, these improvements were all either completed, or agreed upon with the governmental agencies, completely apart from the Sierra Club suit.  I think it would be more accurate to say that when Sierra Club found out what we had already done at the farms, they decided there was nothing else to be gained.
Ken Vermeulen
Attorney for River Ridge Farms (and other CAFOs)

>>> John Rebers <jrebers@nmu.edu> 06/20/02 12:09PM >>>
Enviro-Mich message from John Rebers <jrebers@nmu.edu>

At 10:35 AM 6/20/2002 -0400, Kenneth Vermeulen wrote:
>While I fear that attempting to set the record straight and asking for
>honesty rather than biased propaganda may be a waste of my time, the
>Sierra Club's latest postings again demand a response.
>First.  Absolutely NO "improvements" are being made to either the River
>Ridge nor White Acres facilities as a result of the Sierra Club's
>suit.  All of the improvements at River Ridge were completed many months
>ago as a direct result of Mr. Hanenburg's efforts to become MAEAP
>certified, and the enforcement actions brought by MDEQ and EPA.  The
>improvements at White Acres are the result of negotiations with U.S. EPA
>that were completed last January, several months before Sierra Club ever
>mentioned White Acres in connection with this suit.

Most Enviro-Mich readers have probably already figured this out -

However, since Mr. Vermeulen chooses not to identify himself in his
postings, I thought it worth mentioning that he is an attorney for River
Ridge Farms, according to an article posted at

Judge for yourself what source is likely to provide honesty or bias.

John Rebers

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