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E-M:/ Sunday Smog

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

In the last hour, ozone in Holland hit 127 ppb, over the
numeric level of the current old health standard, and still rising.

All ozone stations in west Michigan except Scottville, Evans and
Benzonia (not reporting) are presently at or over 90 ppb, 1
hour average.

Kalamazoo is at 104, Colomat at 108

All ozone monitoring stations in Southeastern Michigan
and in the Lansing area are at or above 90 ppb, 1 hour
average, in the last hour.  Ypsilanti is most polluted
at 99 ppb in the last hour.

MDEQ AQD AMU has declared Monday as an ozone action day;  MDEQ
AQD AMU content follows:


An Ozone Action! Day advisory is currently in effect for Sunday, June 23rd.

An Ozone Action! Day advisory has been issued for  Monday, June 24th.

An Ozone Action! Day advisory is currently in effect for Sunday, June 23rd.

An Ozone Action! Day advisory has been issued for  Monday, June 24th.

Forecast Discussion

This morning's satellite shows a large area of cloud cover over Minnesota 
extending into northwest portions of Wisconsin as well as areas of the 
Upper Peninsula and Northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. Showers and 
thunderstorms were rumbling across some of these areas as well, with most 
of the action breaking up during its eastward progression. The trigger for 
the aforementioned cloud cover and thunderstorms is a stationary front 
currently extending from northern Lake Huron across the UP and back to a 
surface low pressure in South Dakota.

It will be uncomfortably hot with maximum daily temperatures in the low to 
mid 90's and dewpoints in the mid to upper 60's. Skies will remain mostly 
cloud free, albeit hazy, thanks in part to a building high pressure ridge 
and predominating subsidence (850 mb temps will be approaching 20 degrees C).

Monday will bring continued warmth to the area with daily maximum temps 
topping out in the 90's once again. The capping inversion seen today will 
begin to weaken however, so there is a greater chance for cumulus cloud 
development tomorrow. In addition, weak upper level energy will be dropping 
down from Canada and brushing the eastern part of the state. Still, skies 
should remain party to mostly sunny and the threat for any thunderstorms 
will be minimal, with only isolated accounts possible. Tuesday brings 
increased chances of cloud cover and precipitation. It will remain warm 
however, with forecasted temps in the mid to upper 80's.


Building ozone concentrations Saturday and Sunday along with forecasted 
temperatures surpassing the 90 degree mark once again on Monday, warrants 
concern for elevated levels of ozone. Eight hour concentrations should 
range from unhealthy for sensitive groups to unhealthy on the Air Quality 
Index. Isolated one hour concentrations reaching the unhealthy for 
sensitive groups level are also possible. Consequently, the Michigan 
Department of Environmental Quality is issuing an Ozone Action Day! for all 
participating Michigan counties for Monday, June 24th. Concern for 
continued elevated levels on Tuesday will require additional monitoring of 
the situation. This forecast will be updated on Monday, June 24th.

Forecast updated on Sunday, June 23rd by Neal Conatser

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