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E-M:/ USFWS Releases Report on Isolated Wetlands

Enviro-Mich message from "Scott McEwen" <scott@watershedcouncil.org>

On June 11, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
released a web-based report entitled "Geographically Isolated Wetlands: A
Preliminary Assessment of Their Characteristics and Status in Selected Areas
of the United States." The report is the first of a series of ecological
reports about important types of wetlands.  Geographically isolated wetlands
are wetlands that are surrounded by upland (not connected to surface waters
such as perennial rivers and streams, estuaries, or the ocean).  While they
lack a surface water outlet, many of these wetlands are hydrologically
connected to other wetlands and waters through subsurface connections.  They
are particularly important for much wildlife.  The report describes 19 types
of geographically isolated wetlands and presents information (including
maps) on the potential extent of such wetlands in each of 72 selected study
areas.  These areas were selected to provide a cross-section of national
conditions.  The report indicates that geographically isolated wetlands
appear to be most extensive and abundant in subhumid to arid regions where
precipitation is less than 24 inches per year and in Florida's karst
topography.  The report does not address regulation of isolated wetlands.
The report and maps are available on the Internet at:


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