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E-M:/ Blair Mc Gowan to run for County Commissioner


I am writing to announce that I am running as a Democrat for public office – as Wayne County Commissioner of the 14th District -- Trenton, Ecorse Woodhaven, Southgate, Riverview, River Rouge, Wyandotte, and Grosse Ile. And I am running to win!

I want to work from the inside of Government, instead of from the outside. I want to do full time, what I have been squeezing into my life part time.

Almost every community project we find ourselves involved in has a significant County dimension. The County Government is where the action is! And that’s where I want to be – with your help.

1. Can you come to our Kick off Fundraiser – Tuesday July 9, at Oak Hall at 822 Oak Street, in Wyandotte?  Buy your ticket at the door -- $10 a head. Oak Hall will be serving dinner from 5 to 9 -- A spaghetti dinner with homemade meatballs and Italian sausage. I will be helping to make the meatballs.  Oak Hall is between Eureka and Northline, between Fort and Jefferson.

2. Can you put out a yard sign? Call me and we will deliver one: 313-720-9115.

3. Can you vote on August 6?  Only about 1 of 6 registered, vote in the August primary!

4. Can you forward the message of my candidacy to some friends or family on your email address book?

Here are some examples of issues that I have thrown myself into, and how Wayne County affects these efforts – usually to the community’s detriment.

© Saving Humbug Marsh – the County was going to provide underwriting services to the Developer for tax-free bonds to finance the infrastructure of this environmental disaster.

© International Wildlife Refuge in Trenton – the County’s poor management of existing parks turned off the entire Trenton City Council to the idea of participating with the County on this unique opportunity.

©The Atofina Chemical Disaster of July 14, 2001 – when three men died, hundreds were injured or became ill, and over 2000 people were evacuated after the explosion from leaking Methyl Mercaptan and Chlorine, the County Health Department   could not monitor the diseased, failed to advise medical professionals to treat victims with steroids rather than antibiotics, and acted as an apologist for the company.

© Opposing the Riverview Trenton Railroad – the County decided to wait for the owner of the land  “to go bankrupt” rather than make a fair offer to purchase the property.  But the owner sold the north end of the old McLouth Factory to Manny Maroun.  Now we are facing a
so-called railroad, or a “Truck Depot” on the banks of the Detroit River where we envisioned condos, parks, and public access to our “coast”.

© Clean Air. The County closed its Air Quality Division while Asthma is the number one cause of school absences in Detroit, and cancer rates in Wayne County are among the highest in the nation

© Stopping the expansion of Countywide Landfill in Gibraltar – the County is actively working to expand the landfill, despite its location in a wetland that drains right into the Detroit River.  Meanwhile the local citizens are opposed to the expansion.

What can be done?

For starters an Ethics Amendment for Wayne County that will:
    1) Eliminate conflicts of interest in elected and appointed officials.
    2) Ban excessive contributions from County suppliers and contractors & their  families.
    3) Stop County project managers from taking jobs with the same companies they were supposed to manage.

In General, my focus will be on “Quality of Life”.  On a day-to-day basis, that means “running the store” -- Showing up. Working Hard. Avoiding conflicts of interest.  That hardly sounds revolutionary, but it would be a great start to getting the
County going again.

"I am eager to make a full commitment  to Wayne County's problems . . . and opportunities!"

I hope you can participate. I appreciate your support.
Sincerest thanks.

Blair J. Mc Gowan
22241 Miami
Grosse Ile, MI 48138

Checks may be written to “Blair J. McGowan for Wayne County Commission”