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Enviro-Mich message from Robert Schultz <rhs@tdcnet6.umtri.umich.edu>

As you saw fit to respond to both lists, Mr Marine, I will return the favor
in replying to your post:

You wrote:
>The former wetland on the Pfizer property was really very poor quality
>wetland that was overrun with garbage.  This area really no longer really
>served as a wetland, maybe with the exception of a few migratory waterfowl
>and other fauna and flora.  Pfizer’s wetland restoration is under the
>guidance of Pollack Design, and they have developed and initiated a sound
>plan to restore the natural usefulness of this wetland.  It is true that
>this area is not currently a fully restored wetland, however, if you look in
>there presently, you will see that a large number of wetland plants have
>been planted and are beginning to take hold, and with proper care and
>maintenance this should turn into a high quality wetland in a few short

When it comes to characterizing the wetlands that once existed at Huron
Parkway and Hubbard Roads, please present your credentials as I have,
namely working across the street from this site for nearly twenty years.
Interestingly enough, I have received letters in response to my post that
concur with my rather brief description of the space though none to the
contrary.  No longer do we see the kingfisher, heron, or songbirds that
once routinely used these wetlands.  On the day of my post, I revisted the
barren space and noted but grackles and thirsty ones at that.  I  will
gladly fwd photographs which will attest to that bird sighting as well as
the dry decimated space that once served as wetlands to benefit waterfowl
and other fauna.  They would certainly weigh in against your self-described
'success' of the Pollack Design and Pfizer execution.  Oh what the heck, a
quick run to Yahoo, account setup, and I have set the photos there:
  click on the wetlands folder, then on thumbnails, and view the not-so
wetlands as well as the project sign, stating a spring 2001 completion.

As well, perhaps you could elucidate on the purpose of Pfizer's watering
their grass (and sidewalks) along Plymouth Road this morning (1july02) at
8a.  While denying wildlife their essentials for living, it appears to be a
neccessity to spend water on a lawn which has no apparent beneficial use,
save for a nice view.  How does that fit with the environmental plans of

Your piece has airs that see nothing but good coming from a company whose
2002 first quarter net income alone was on the order of  $2.3Billion (their
website).  Curious how they whined about an environment unfriendly to
business, demanding an abatement or they'll pull out, while the city is
denigrated to increasing traffic enforcement to make up for budget
shortfalls.  Shame on this persistant corporate greed!  btw, as you appear
to know Pfizer well, I encourage other list members to check out  the
website http://www.theyrule.net, an interesting look at corporate board
members.  For instance, Pfizer board members sit on the board of 11 other
companies, whose members sit on the board of some 30 other companies.
Check it out, particularly the political donations that corporations like
Pfizer have made in the past (see: http://www.opensecrests.org) .

>And I believe that Pfizer should
>be applauded for attempting to both mediate its impact on the surrounding
>area and to enhance this community.

I heartily applaud Pfizer for their support of the arts in the community.
There have been several performances which I have attended this past season
which were underwritten with Pfizer's assistance.  Sincere thanks for that

Dutifully submitted     -Robert Schultz

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