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Dear Friend:
   Knowing of your interest in the fight to protect our environment, we would like to take this opportunity to share with you information (please also see attachment and below) about David Bonior -- the best gubernatorial choice for Michigan. The Michigan Sierra Club, Clean Water Action, Humane USA and Friends of the Earth have endorsed David for governor. He has a 30-year pro-environment record and, as governor, he will bring an environmental ethic to Lansing to fight for the issues we care about.

   David Bonior understands that water is more valuable than oil. David will never allow oil drilling in our Great Lakes. He will block the diversion of our water to bottling plants and other states. And David will work to increase resources for water treatment and sewer infrastructure improvement to help prevent sewer overflows, improve our drinking water and stop our beaches from closing.
   David Bonior will increase funding for our state’s watershed projects, and secure resources to rid our lakes, rivers, and streams from dangerous levels of mercury, lead, arsenic and PCBs. He has taken the Mercury pledge to reduce emissions 90% by 2010 and virtually eliminate them by 2020. David has fought tirelessly and called upon the Environmental Protection Agency to rid our canals, drains and lakes of PCBs. It is time to make our waters swimmable, fishable and drinkable again. David Bonior has the record and the commitment to make this happen as governor.

   David will do whatever it takes to stop out-of-state and Canadian trash from entering Michigan. He will ban returnable bottles and cans from our landfills and inspect trash trucks coming into our state for hazardous waste.
   As governor, David Bonior will reduce pollutants in our air by cleaning up and modernizing our power plants and strictly enforcing polluter pay laws. He will partner with environmental, university, and business communities to develop environmentally friendly technologies to save energy and clean up our environment. He will provide tax credits for consumers and businesses that use alternative sources of energy.

   As someone who cares passionately about green spaces, David Bonior will fight to protect our forests and open spaces. Over his 30 years in public service, David has passed out more than one million trees across the state of Michigan. As governor, he will end the Engler-Posthumus DEQ. He will restore the prominence and morale of the Department of Natural Resources to promote policies that favor conservation, protection and restoration of our forests, farmland and open space. David will slow sprawl by rebuilding our cities.
   Michigan needs a leader like David Bonior. As a Member of Congress, there has been no stronger a leader on environmental issues. As governor, he will continue to fight to ensure that our state remains beautiful for our children and grandchildren to inherit.

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David Bonior has been endorsed for Governor of Michigan by:

· Michigan Sierra Club            · Clean Water Action            · Friends of the Earth           · Humane USA


David Bonior:

“There is a difference in this race for Governor. I am the only candidate with a 30-year pro-environment record. In

the 70's, when I served in the State Legislature, I cut my teeth on environmental issues. Many don’t remember that I was the author of the first-in-the-nation ban on PCBs and that I fought with activists to win ballot approval of our bottle deposit law. When things looked bleak in the first hundred days of the Gingrich Congress and they wanted to repeal the Clean Water Act, I led the fight against them. For those efforts, I earned the Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter’s “Legislator of the Year” award and the 1996 “Environmental Watchdog of the Year” award from the Natural Resources Defense Council.


In 1999, I prevented weapons-grade plutonium shipments from being transported through St. Clair County and across the Blue Water Bridge, and I also received a 100% voting record from the League of Conservation Voters that year. And just this past year, I built a bipartisan coalition to enact a ban on Great Lakes oil drilling and to reduce the amount of arsenic in our drinking water. I have a record of environmental activism that cannot be matched by any of the other candidates.


For me, I don’t just work on environmental issues when it’s convenient or politically expedient, my wife Judy and I live our lives with an environmental ethic that is waiting to be re-awoken in our state. We have traveled to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge together, where standing on the Achilik River with the mighty Brooks Range to one side and the Arctic coastal plain to the other was one of the most humbling experiences we have ever had. In 1997, Judy and I walked from our home in Mt. Clemens to the Mackinac Bridge. Along the way, we couldn’t help but think just how blessed we are in Michigan to have such a beautiful place to live. I will be a governor that brings our environmental ethic back.”


David Bonior and Alma Wheeler Smith will:

· Ban out-of-state and Canadian trash.

· Expand Michigan’s bottle bill.

· Stop water diversions and enact a water management plan.

· Implement real time monitoring of water quality and create a water treatment construction loan pool.

· Increase resources for water treatment and sewer infrastructure improvements.

· Strengthen and strictly enforce polluter pay laws.

· Promote policies that restore our forests, wetlands and public lands to their natural beauty. 

· Redirect resources away from building new roads and promoting sprawl, to restoring existing

   neighborhoods, redeveloping brownfields, investing in transit, and creating urban parks.

· Make conservation the centerpiece of farm policy.

· Partner with our environmental leaders and our universities to develop innovative technologies to 

   modernize our power plants, clean up pollution and save energy. 

· Provide tax credits for consumers who use alternative sources of energy to power their homes, cars or


· Promote the use of efficient and renewable energy sources by state agencies.

· Protect our remaining old growth stands.

· Provide more conservation and land acquisition funding for forested areas in our state.

· End the Engler-Posthumus DEQ.  Restore our DNR to national prominence by promoting policies that
   favor conservation, protection and restoration of our resources.

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