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E-M:/ Smog Report

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Summary:   Ozone rising on Sunday Afternoon, 8 hour readings
over 85 PPB on Saturday at Ypsilanti and Tecumseh;  Monday
is an Ozone Action Day in SE and West Michigan;  Ontario issues Smog alert 
for Windsor, Sarnia....

At 2 PM Sunday, Southeastern Michigan has indications of an emerging smog

Yesterday (Saturday) two stations showed measured maximum 8 hour concentrations
of 90 (Tecumseh) and 91 (Ypsilanti) over the level of 85 ppb, the level of the
new health standard.

At 2 PM, a number of ozone monitoring stations are showing 1 hour averages
in the neighborhood of 90-100 ppb, including:

Allen Park
Detroit - East 7 mile
Oak Park
New Haven

Allen Park and New Haven are over 100 ppb and the Detroit
monitors are not far behind.

Under these circumstances it is expected that 8 hour average
concentrations exceeding 85 ppb will be recorded by 6-8 PM.

Windsor, Ont two stations are showing the highest air quality
index readings in all of Ontario at 2 PM.


Below is content for Michigan Department of Environmental
Quality, Air Quality Division:   (for more details, go to:



Monday, July 15th is an Ozone Action! Day

Monday, July 15th is an Ozone Action! Day

Hot, sunny and climbing ozone levels…

A surface high-pressure system remains firmly entrenched over the upper 
Great Lakes with an upper air ridge over the western continental United 
States beginning to broaden eastward.  While the axis of this upper air 
ridge will still be sufficiently west of us tomorrow to continue ushering 
in northerly winds aloft into our region, it will not provide sufficient 
surface ventilation to stop the current build up of ozone at the surface. 
Ozone monitors in Tecumseh and Ann Arbor breached the “Unhealthy for 
Sensitive Groups” benchmark on Saturday, so we know that there’s now a high 
ambient background in Michigan.  Unfortunately, the clear skies, light 
winds and near 90 degree Fahrenheit temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will 
likely build upon this base and cause more areas of elevated ozone to 
develop.  Therefore, we will be declaring Monday, July 15th as an Ozone 
Action day.

Our longer range forecast models show more of the same.  However, to ensure 
that our predictions are based upon the most recent available information, 
we will be updating this forecast on Monday, July 15th.

This page was updated on Sunday, July 14th by Craig Fitzner, MDEQ Air 
Quality Division.

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