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E-M:/ Auburn city vendors must report contributions

I'm always in continuous fights with local corrupt politicians and city officials in Muskegon County involving delopments, zoning, and best land use management  issues.  Is this effort by city Auburn Hills for real or just window dressing?

City vendors must report contributions:  Auburn Hills law lambasted by critics who say it's overkill

Stricter ethics rules        
   Under Auburn Hills' new ordinance, these policies kick in now:
   * Applicants for contracts, or acting as consultants for the city, must disclose campaign contributions for the past four years when they apply.
   * Anyone seeking site plans, special land uses, rezoning, planned unit developments, tax abatements, land divisions and liquor licenses must disclose four years of political donations.
   * Violators could have contracts, permits or other granted favors immediately revoked.