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Subject: Bonior fights out-of-state & Canadian trash again
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2002 12:13:40 -0400
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Bonior-Smith denounce $20 million bond to Waste Management Inc.

July 18, 2002

Michigan residents will now foot the bill for a $20 million tax-free bond 
for one of the largest haulers of Canadian and out-of-state trash, 
following a vote this morning by the Michigan Strategic Fund Board.

The board abruptly met in Livonia today and unanimously approved, without 
any discussion, the bond for Waste Management Holdings Inc.

U.S. Rep. David Bonior and his running mate, state Sen. Alma Wheeler Smith, 
denounced the $20 million taxpayer-backed bond as “an assault on families 
and our environment.”

“Michigan is tired of being a dumping ground,” Bonior said. “This 
trafficking of trash needs to stop once and for all.  It’s an outrage that 
taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill so companies like Waste 
Management can dump other people’s garbage in our state.”

Bonior-Smith also criticized the state for backing a bond for Waste 
Management, despite the fact that the company has suffered Enron-like 
troubles and is under congressional inquiry for accounting practices.

About 50 environmental supporters picketed the meeting at the Victor 
Corporate Center, chanting “Keep Michigan Clean” and “No More Trash.”  Judy 
Bonior, the congressman’s wife, read a statement from him opposing the bond.

The Strategic Fund Board of Directors is comprised of the state Treasurer, 
Director of the Michigan Department of Management and Budget and seven 
other appointees by Gov. John Engler.  It is authorized to make grants, 
loans, and investments from the Michigan Strategic Fund to assist 
for-profit and non-profit businesses.
Aside from today’s bond, the Michigan Economic Development Corp. in Aug. 
2001 approved a $17.4 million tax-exempt bond for Republic Services Inc. to 
upgrade its landfills, which take out-of-state garbage.  It also gave Waste 
Management a $35 million bond last year.

As Governor and Lt. Governor, Bonior-Smith said they will end the use of 
tax dollars to finance garbage haulers and landfills that accept 
out-of-state and Canadian trash.

"I fought against this garbage in the Congress and I'll fight against it as 
Governor of Michigan. We're going to stop this trash and stop those who are 
trying to make a quick buck by turning Michigan into a dump," Bonior said.

Waste Management Inc., based in Houston, lost nearly two-thirds of its 
value in the summer and autumn of 1999 after the company had pumped up its 
stock price through years of false and misleading financial 
statements.  The company then began dumping its stock at an inflated price.

Last November, Waste Management settled more than 30 securities fraud 
lawsuits, for an eye-popping $457 million.  In this scandal, even Arthur 
Anderson ­ the company’s auditor ­ got nailed, agreeing to pay $20 million 
of its own money in a fraud case with angry Waste Management shareholders.

Now, the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee is investigating Waste 
Management for its corporate governance and accounting practices.

“We’ve seen too many examples of companies like Enron, Kmart, Worldcom, 
Consumers Energy and now Waste Management ignoring their moral 
responsibilities,” Wheeler Smith said. “When $20 million in our tax money 
is gone, it won’t be there to fix our roads, improve our schools or insure 
the 225,000 Michigan children without health care.”

Bonior has been the leading national voice for banning out-of-state and 
Canadian trash.  In 1989, he authored the first-ever bill banning 
out-of-state and Canadian garbage from Michigan landfills.  In 1994, his 
bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives, but was killed by 
then-Senator Bob Dole and the garbage industry in the Senate.  He has 
introduced a similar bill each year since.

A Bonior-Smith administration will make stopping out-of-state and Canadian 
trash a top priority, and fight for legislation banning bottles and cans 
from other states and Ontario in Michigan landfills.

MIRS Capitol Capsule, Thurs., July 18, 2002, Issue #137, Vol. XX
Bonior Talking Trash, Again

Democratic gubernatorial candidate U.S. Rep. David BONIOR (D-Mt. Clemens) 
went after the Michigan Strategic Fund Board today for approving a $20 
million tax-free bond for one of the largest haulers of Canadian and 
out-of-state trash.

The board unanimously approved the bond for Houston-based Waste Management 
Holdings Inc. in Livonia today without discussion, which Bonior and running 
mate Sen. Alma Wheeler SMITH (D-Salem Twp.) said was “an assault on 
families and our environment.”

“Michigan is tired of being a dumping ground,” Bonior said. “This 
trafficking of trash needs to stop once and for all. It's an outrage that 
taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill so companies like Waste 
Management can dump other people's garbage in our state.”

While it may haul trash across state lines, Waste Management also is one of 
the state's largest trash carriers, serving industrial, commercial and 
personal clients from Grand Rapids to Detroit to the Upper Peninsula Engler 
press secretary Susan SHAFER said she finds the Congressmen's strong 
position on out-of-state trash laughable considering a 1992 U.S. Supreme 
Court ruling that said only the federal government, not a state government, 
can curb interstate trash dumping.

“That David Bonior, as a Congressman, has had the ability to do something 
about this issue and hasn't for 20 years and now wants to do something as a 
governor is laughable,” Shafer said. “Where has he been on this issue?”

David Bonior’s work at the federal level to stop Canadian and out-of-state 

“In Michigan, we have a strong environmental ethic — we led the way with 
community recycling programs and our bottle bill — and we continue to fight 
against those who are trying to dump some of the most deadly substances in 
the world in our backyards.” - David E. Bonior

1989 ­ Rep. Bonior authored the original bill, H.R. 2967 (101st Congress), 
to allow local communities to the importation of solid waste.  This bill 
was in response to the Fort Gratiot Landfill v. Michigan Department of 
Natural Resources, 504 U.S. 353, decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1992.

1991 ­ H.R. 3091 (102nd Congress), Rep. Bonior was the author of 
legislation to grant State governments the authority to enact laws to 
regulate the disposal of solid waste that originates in other States.

1994 ­ H.R. 4779 (103rd Congress), Rep. Bonior was co-sponsor of this bill 
which would authorize State control over transportation of municipal solid 
waste.  The language of this bill was wrapped into H.R. 4683, a bill 
sponsored by Rep. Frank Pallone, Jr., at the end of House session.  This 
bill passed in the House but was blocked in the Senate by then Senate 
Majority Leader Bob Dole (R-KS).  Rep. Bonior passed the rule bringing this 
bill to the House floor for a vote.

1995 ­ H.R. 1180 (104th Congress), Rep. Fred Upton was the sponsor, Rep. 
Bonior co-sponsored this bill to provide congressional authorization for 
restrictions on receipt of out-of-State municipal solid waste and for State 
control over transportation of municipal solid waste.
­ H.R. 1444 ­ Rep. Bonior was co-sponsor of this bill require a refund 
value for certain beverage containers, and to provide resources for State 
pollution prevention and recycling programs, helping to reduce recyclable 
material in landfills.

1997 ­ H.R. 1586 (105th Congress), Rep. Bonior co-sponsored legislation 
that would have required refund value for beverage containers to reduce 
recyclable material in landfills.

1999 ­ H.R. 1190 (106th Congress) ­ Rep. Bonior was a co-sponsor of this 
bill to impose certain limitations on the receipt of out-of-State municipal 
solid waste, to authorize State and local controls over the flow of 
municipal solid waste.

2001 ­ H.R. 1213 & H.R. 1214 (107th Congress) ­ Rep. Bonior is a co-sponsor 
of these bills to impose certain limitations on the receipt of out-of-State 
municipal solid waste and to allow local and state governments to impose 
limitations on the import of solid waste.

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