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E-M:/ Humbug alert II; News Herald article

Made In Detroit Inc., is back in Gibraltar, desperately trying to resuscitate its environmentally catastrophic project in Humbug Marsh, the last undeveloped mile  on the US side of  the Detroit River.

MID has stated that it will not make application to the Army Corps of Engineers for a federal wetlands permit because it has "avoided wetlands". The ACE has repeatedly rejected MID's application, and warned it not to proceed.

Saulius Mikalonis, Butzel Long attorney for MID, has bolstered MID's delusions that it can ignore the ACE because the Corps  has no jurisdiction.

The site plan which is viewable in Gibraltar City Hall shows that it is fundamentally the same plan that was submitted in August of 2000, with minor adjustments that do not address the ACE objections.

MID plans to build in three phases. The first would be west of the Handler Drain. My reading of it shows significant wetland disturbances. Humbug Island would be developed in phase three.

The City of Gibraltar apparently is allowing MID to make application for its site plan despite being over two years delinquent in its property taxes.

Blair J. Mc Gowan
Friends of the Detroit River