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E-M:/ More info on the Waste Management $20 Million Bond

Enviro-Mich message from Jeff Surfus <jeffsurfus@comcast.net>

I spoke with a representative of the Michigan Strategic Fund last Friday
and was able to get more information about the proposed $20 million bond
to Waste Management.

Here is a little more detail about how and where the money will be used,
from a document called a "Summarization of Evaluation Request" which he
faxed to me:

"The project includes new cell construction and liners, the construction
of new buildings, the acquisition of new equipment, the construction of
leachate and methane gas systems and the acquisition of land all to be
located in the following locations including: (1) Lennon, Shiawassee
County, (2) Birch Run, Saginaw County, (3) Detroit, Wayne County, (4)
Grand Rapids, Kent County, (5) Orion, Oakland County, (6) Jackson, Jackson
County, and (7) Frederic, Crawford County."

Another little tidbit from the document:  Waste Management has received
three separate $35 million bonds from MSF under the Engler administration,
in 1992, 1993 and in 2001.  That's $105 million in tax-free bonds for
Waste Management under Engler's watch!  If this one is approved, that
makes it a tidy $125 million!

The representative indicated that preliminary approval of the bond was
given by the MSF board last week.  It now goes to the lawyers.  He
indicated that THERE WILL BE A PUBLIC HEARING ABOUT THIS before final
approval is given by MSF.  The public hearing will take place in Lansing
sometime in the near future.  He indicated that notice of the public
hearing will be placed in numerous newspapers.

I have no illusions that the public hearing is nothing but a formality,
but it would be nice to make some public waves about this process.

By the way, where is the news media on this?

Also, what do the gubernatorial candidates think about this?  The only one
who has made a public statement about this bond inducement is David
Bonior.  Where do the other candidates stand?

Jeff Surfus

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