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E-M:/ Beach filling on Great Lakes general permit

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Date:         Mon, 22 Jul 2002 13:31:57 -0400
Subject:      New DEQ Press Release - 07/22/02
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July 22, 2002

Contact: Ken Silfven
                (517) 241-7397

DEQ Permit Allows Temporary Beach Walkways

The Department of Environmental Quality is issuing a general permit to
authorize the construction and maintenance of temporary access walkways
across beach areas with standing water on exposed Great Lakes

The general permit expires on July 8, 2007.  Riparian property owners
interested in constructing a walkway must fill out and submit the joint
permit application, construction plans and a $100 filing fee.

The DEQ has determined that these activities, when conducted in
accordance with the terms and conditions of the permit, will have only
minimal environmental impacts.

The lower water levels of the Great Lakes, and particularly Saginaw
Bay, have resulted in the exposure of significant areas of Great Lakes
bottomlands.  In many areas, these exposed bottomlands are returning to
wetland habitat that is valuable for fish and wildlife.

State law requires that public trust, natural resource, and adjacent
riparian landowner concerns be evaluated before the practice of
maintaining extensive beach areas by raking, disking, or plowing the
sand to control wetlands vegetation, moving sand from seawalls, grading,
and removing standing water can be authorized.  This is accomplished
through the permit application process.

The DEQ has worked diligently to develop a compromise position that
allows certain activities on Great Lakes bottomlands, while protecting
them from any significant impacts.

The general permit authorizes a walkway up to 200 feet in total length
having a maximum bottom width of 6 feet and requiring no more than 300
cubic yards of sand or pebble material.  The material must be obtained
from the exposed, non-vegetated bottomlands adjacent to the walkway.

The application is available at any DEQ district office or can be
downloaded at http://www.michigan.gov/deq/1,1607,7-135--1762--,00.html

The agency's goal is to issue all complete applications within 21 days
of receipt in the Lansing office.

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