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Enviro-Mich message from "Eric Uram" <eric.uram@sierraclub.org>

* Monday, July 22, 2002

Dear Lake Superior supporter, 

The wild beauty of Wisconsin's Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
draws kayakers and others from around the world. The National Park
Service is now involved in a study to determine how much of the
Lakeshore it will recommend for permanent wilderness protection and is
accepting comments on its draft study until August 1.  We ask your
help in ensuring that the Apostles remain wild.  Please let the
National Park Service know that you strongly support its Alternative
1, which would recommend 94 percent of the park for wilderness
protection.  Send a letter from: 

The Apostle Islands are an archipelago along Lake Superior's south
shore in Wisconsin.  Its 21 islands vary in size from a tiny 3 acres
to 10,000 acres and are remarkably untouched.  The islands feature sea
caves and dramatic vistas of Lake Superior, a literal inland sea and
the world's largest body of fresh water.  Old growth forest covers the
islands and house one of North America's largest concentration of
black bears.  Wilderness designation for the Apostles would give
Wisconsin its first ever National Park Service wilderness.

Dotted around the islands are a number of historic lighthouses that
are popular with visitors.  Access to these will not change with the
wilderness designation detailed in Alternative 1 of the Park Service
proposal.  Neither will motorized access in the channels between

The Wisconsin legislature donated these islands to the Park Service
for the creation of the National Lakeshore.  In that donation, the
legislature clearly sought permanent protection of the wilderness
character of the islands.  They've been managed as wilderness for the
past decade under Park Service management policies that require
proposed wilderness be managed as wilderness.  But those policies
could change and the pristine nature of the Apostles could disappear. 
Only if the Congress adds the Apostles to the National Wilderness
Preservation System can we be sure future generations of Americans
will be able to enjoy them as we do today.  The Apostle Islands are
wild and deserve to stay that way!

Your comments are needed by August 1.  Send a letter from 
http://www.wilderness.org/takeaction/?step=2&item=1726 or send your
own using the sample letter below.   Your letter will have more impact
if you include your experiences at the Apostle Islands National
Seashore.  Thank you for supporting wilderness! Your comments will
make a difference.

Send your comments to:
Mr. Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Route 1, Box 4
Bayfield, WI 54814
FAX: 715-779-3049
EMAIL: APIS_comments@nps.gov

To learn more about the draft alternatives, visit 


Mr. Bob Krumenaker, Superintendent
Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Route 1, Box 4
Bayfield, WI 54814

Dear Superintendent Krumenaker:

The Apostle Islands National Lakeshore offers a premier wilderness
experience within the National Park System.  That valuable experience
needs protection.  I strongly support Alternative 1, which would
designate 94 percent of the area on the islands as wilderness. 
Alternative 1 is the only alternative that promises to adequately
protect the wilderness resource.

Alternative 1 carefully provides for traditional recreational 
opportunities on Lake Superior, including kayaking, sailing and power
boating and also would protect primitive camping experiences on the
islands. It also allows for both enjoyment and management of the
islands' important historical sites, including lighthouses.

In its donation of land for the National Lakeshore, the Wisconsin
legislature clearly specified its expectation that the lakeshore would
preserve the wild character of the islands.  Only Alternative 1 fully
keeps faith with the legislature's wish.  I urge the National Park
Service to select Alternative 1 in its wilderness study process.


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