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Re: E-M:/ conservation, environmental advocates endorse granholmfor governor

Enviro-Mich message from "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>


As the Attorney General said in the current issue of the North Woods Call, 
she supports old growth designations and opposes the timber harvest mandate 
on state forests so unwisely imposed by the Engler Administration and 

I wonder how you can say the platform "implies that all of our
natural resources will be managed with a focus on harvestable populations" 
when the same sentence from which you quote talks about promoting management 
of non-game populations.

You apparently missed some habitat-related initiatives in her platform:

* Protect rivers and streams with new initiatives under Michigan’s 
nationally recognized Natural Rivers Act. Not a single new river has been 
designated during the Engler-Posthumus Administration.

* Let more of our rivers run free again by developing a dam removal program 
that will help restore river ecosystems, flow rates, and flow patterns as 
well as re-establish natural floodplains by removing dams that are no longer 

* Expand farmland and open space preservation programs. The purchase of 
development rights (PDR) offers great promise as a method of conserving 
prime farmlands and essential habitats. Jennifer Granholm will work with 
communities to find funding sources -- such as the income from an expanded 
bottle bill-- for Michigan’s PDR program and fee-simple acquisition of 
critical lands and habitats. She will also support the development of a 
transfer program for development rights and seek creation and expansion of 
tax credits for donations of funds and lands to our many effective, 
successful private land conservancies.

Thanks for your good work to protect old growth.


>From: Tim <timf@mac.com>
>To: Dave Dempsey <davedem@hotmail.com>,   Enviro-Mich 
>Subject: Re: E-M:/ conservation, environmental advocates endorse 
>granholmfor governor
>Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 11:38:06 -0400
> > From: "Dave Dempsey" <davedem@hotmail.com>
> > Two Former DNR Directors Head List of 40
> > Who Say Granholm Will Lead Michigan's Environmental Comeback
> >
>Maybe you can clear this up for me?  I went to the Granholm web site and
>looked at her environmental agenda.  For habitat management I didn't find
>anything about restoring Michigan's native habitat, but I did find the
> >>Manage Michiganıs fish and wildlife resources with stewardship and
> >>In a Granholm Administration, Michiganıs fish and wildlife resources 
>will be
> >>managed by using the best science available and the input of sportsmen 
> >>women. The Natural Resource Commission will be directed to obtain public
> >>input, analyze it, and balance this with what is recommended by 
> >>staff. Our goal will be to manage resources in order to achieve healthy 
> >>harvestable game and fish populations for Michiganıs sportspersons, 
>while also
> >>promoting the management of non-game species.
>What I find troubling is that fish and wildlife under a Granholm
>administration, will be managed "to achieve healthy and harvestable"
>wildlife with input from sportsmen.  In fact it implies that all of our
>natural resources will be managed with a focus on harvestable populations.
>I'm guessing that restoring native habitat would come under the *while 
>phrase about non-game species.  A pretty narrow vision for recovering and
>restoring Michigan's native flora and fauna and the natural communities 
>once inhabited.
>Where is the mention of promoting old growth forests, which once dominated
>more than 65 percent of Michigan?  Where is the commitment to managing
>primarily for native forest communities, from old growth forest to 
>Instead what I see is a commitment to continue the present DNR policy of
>timber n targets, i.e. Non-native forest communities driven by clearcuts, 
>called game management.  In fact the flora and fauna of Michigan seem to be
>divided into to groups, game and non-game.
>Sincerely hoping for more,
>Tim Flynn

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