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E-M:/ Levin and Stabenow Critical of Bush Clean Air Act Relaxation

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

Michigan U.S. Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow  are Critical of Bush 
Clean Air Act Relaxation of permit / control technology / air quality 
review requirements for modified major sources under the Clean Air Act


August 1 , 2002

The Honorable Christine Whitman
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, DC 20460

Dear Administrator Whitman:

The Clean Air Act is a vital tool for protecting the Nation's health and
environment, including our National Parks. With mounting medical evidence that
air pollution causes asthma attacks, cardiopulmonary disease, and premature
death - particularly among children and the elderly - we need to strengthen
clean air protections whenever possible.

Given our strong commitment to protecting Americans' health, we believe 
that the
changes you announced on June 13, 2002 to the Clean Air Act's "New Source
Review" are extremely troubling. On their face, many of these changes to NSR -
for example, giving factories greater leeway to choose how their pollution is
measured - appear likely to increase pollution levels. Unsurprisingly, the
states' air pollution control administrators have expressed concerns that the
new regulations will make it more difficult for the states to attain national
clean air standards. Yet as Assistant Administrator Jeffrey Holmstead admitted
at a recent hearing, EPA now plans to make these changes without having
conducted a full analysis of their impact on air quality and public health, and
without providing a full opportunity for public notice and comment on the
changes EPA is now proposing.

While EPA should be free to pursue thoughtful changes to New Source Review that
reduce regulatory burdens while strengthening public health protection, we see
no reason to believe that the proposed changes adequately protect air quality.
In fact, because the specific changes proposed have not been subject to careful
study and full public comment, we have serious concerns that the changes could
allow more air pollution - causing more asthma, more heart and lung problems,
and more premature deaths.

We therefore ask that, before finalizing any of these changes, EPA conduct a
rigorous analysis of the air pollution and public health impacts of the 
rule changes and give the public full opportunity to comment on these changes.
As we are sure you agree, EPA should not finalize a rule that allows increased
air pollution or undercuts the health of any of America's children or seniors.
In the meantime, until the law is changed, we ask your continued commitment to
enforce the Clean Air Act as it is written.


Sen. Edwards, D-NC
Sen. Lieberman, D-CT
Sen. Jeffords, I-VT
Sen. Daschle, D-SD
Sen. Collins, R-ME
Sen. Clinton, D-NY
Sen. Durbin,  D-IL
Sen. Kennedy, D-MA
Sen. Dodd, D-CT
Sen. Reed, D-RI
Sen. Schumer, D-NY
Sen. Torricelli, D-NJ
Sen. Inouye, D-HI
Sen. Baucus, D-MT
Sen. Biden, D-DE
Sen. Reid, D-NV
Sen. Kerry, D-MA
Sen. Wyden, D-OR
Sen. Leahy, D-VT
Sen. Wellstone, D-MN
Sen. Akaka, D-HI
Sen. Boxer, D-CA
Sen. Feingold, D-WI
Sen. Harkin, D-IA
Sen. Hollings, D-SC
Sen. Murray, D-WA
Sen. Nelson, D-FL
Sen. Cantwell, D-WA
Sen. Corzine, D-NJ
Sen. Kohl, D-WI
Sen. Cleland, D-GA
Sen. Bingaman, D-NM
Sen. Carnahan, D-MO
Sen. Levin, D-MI
Sen. Stabenow, D-MI
Sen. Feinstein, D-CA
Sen. Dayton, D-MN
Sen. Chafee, R-RI
Sen. Mikulski, D-MD
Sen. Sarbanes, D-MD
Sen. Snowe, R-ME
Sen. Johnson, D-SD
Sen. Graham, D-FL
Sen. Carper, D-DE

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