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E-M:/ Diane Wilson Begins Hunger Strike Against Dow/Union Carbide

This message goes out to all Michigan Dow activists and supporters of the Bhopal survivors in particular, and to all Enviro-Michers in general.
Diane Wilson, a friend of mine from Seadrift, Texas, has launched a worldwide relay hunger strike against Dow/Union Carbide  to support the demands of the victims and survivors of the Dow/Union Carbide chemical disaster in Bhopal, India. Diane herself has been on a water only hunger strike since July 17 and hundreds have joined her in taking up the cause against Dow.
How To Lend Your Voice:
Call Dow Corporation and say that you support Diane's hungerstrike and that you expect them to pay attention to her demands - ask for a response. Their headquarters number in Michigan is 1-800-232-2436.
To learn more about Diane's hunger strike and the issues involved:
Diana Jancek