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E-M:/ Rob Sheets for State Senate - St. Clair & Lapeer Counties

Rob Sheets for State Senate
Saint Clair County and Lapeer County
For those in Saint Clair and Lapeer Counties that may vote Republican in tomorrow's Primary, there is an excellent candidate running for State Senate, Rob Sheets. The new two-county State Senate district (minus Sanilac County) is part of the district currently held by Senator Dan DeGrow who will be term-limited out.
Rob Sheets is a friend of mine from Scouts and helped me teach nature courses at Silver Trails Scout Reservation during summer camps back in the early 1980's. He was one of the few assistants that would not mysteriously disappear all day and turn up later in the afternoon at the trading post with pop in-hand munching on frozen Snickers bars. Rob Sheets is an Eagle Scout and was very active in the Blue Water Council, holding various leadership positions in his troop and the Order of the Arrow. Although expressed largely as an old-school resource conservation heritage, there is a strong environmental ethic that all Scouts are charged with, partially rooted in the naturalism and ecological insights of such co-founders as Ernest Thompson Seaton and his Woodcraft Indian movement of the early 1900's, a precursor to the Boy Scouts of America.
In later years, Rob has served as a trustee and planning commission member for Saint Clair Township and owns Advanced Computers in Port Huron, among other things.
Running as a Republican, his main platform is fiscal responsibility, health care access, and improving public education. Rob has not made environmental issues the focus of his campaign, however, I know that he is genuinely concerned and will pursue real solutions. We have recently discussed the need for natural area preservation and protection of waterways in southeast Michigan. Rob is very intelligent, with a firm understanding of the many aspects of environmental concern in our area.
Based on our experience, the other candidates (Republican and Democrat) for the same State Senate district have either proven themselves entirely disinterested in important environmental issues in the area, and/or are not expected to be interested.
You can check out the Rob Sheets web page at www.sheetsforsenate.com
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