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E-M:/ Environmental Caucus! Aug. 24, 10AM in Lansing

The Democratic Party wants and needs your help at this year's convention! Come and make a positive difference by passing platform resolutions and working within the Democratic party to improve environmental protection in our state.
What: The "Environmental Caucus" of the Democratic Party
When: 10AM, Saturday August 24th
Where: The Lansing Center, Ballroom 4. On Michigan Ave just east of the Capitol.
Why??: To show the strength of our issue and to highlight its importance for the future of our state. Also, the incoming Governor will have a lot of work to do to restore environmental protection in Michigan. We can make that job easier for her by showing our support at the convention.
The environmental movement has an incredible opportunity to discard the failed Engler philosophy to and make the environment a top priority again in our state. Let's all join together from now until November 5th to set the stage for a pro-environment government that can get the job done for Michigan.
If you have any questions or comments please respond to me individually or call me at 734-834-7152.

Jeff Irwin
Washtenaw County Commissioner
11th District

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