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E-M:/ anti-incineration demonstration at the MI Democratic Convention

please direct responses to the address listed at the bottom of this message...
Families Against Incinerator Risk (FAIR) is planning an anti-incineration demonstration at the Democratic Convention on August 24 & 25.

If you know of anybody in Michigan's environmental movement who may be interested in joining FAIR's demonstration, please forward this info to them (FAIR's contact info. can be found at the bottom of this message):

I, Paul Fortier, am the co-chair for Families Against Incinerator Risk (FAIR) located in Ypsilanti Township, Michigan.  We fighting to stop incineration in our community.  There is no shortage of support among the general citizenry for this cause: Our asthma and other respiratory disease rates are incredibly high and local health experts have gone on record condemning the current incinerator.

The entire Ypsilanti City Council has passed a resolution calling for the immediate shut down of the incinerator.  We have gathered 15 thousand signatures opposing incineration in our township. (Most of these signatures are on a binding recall petition.)

The three pro-incinerator township officials who have locked down a (3 person) majority on the board of our utilities authority refuse to listen to this outcry.  In fact, they are now planning for a larger incinerator that will import more waste from another county to burn in our township.

We are only asking for the right to vote on incineration in our own community.
( More background information is located at our web site:
http://www.stopthestack.org/overview1.html )

We are a group made up of residents of the township and the city, families with children, students and senior citizens.  The Ann Arbor Ecology Center, the Huron Valley Greens, University of Michigan Environmental Justice Group and other environmental groups have all helped us in this struggle.

The three pro-incinerator officials all Democrats have used every means, at their disposal to thwart our efforts even the Democratic Party, not one Democratic  Party candidate or office holder will take a stand against this environmental  disaster and are even succeeding at keeping our local media from providing  sufficient coverage of this crucial issue.  We are requesting your help to  gain a wider exposure for our cause. On Aug. 24 & 25 the Democratic  Convention will be held in Lansing, Michigan.

We would like to make our issue heard at that event.
Can you help us do this?
How can we dovetail our efforts to further the cause of a cleaner environment?

We are anxious to hear from you.

Thanks for your consideration. We look forward to your reply.

Paul Fortier
Co Chair
Families Against Incinerator Risk

Families Against Incinerator Risk
Email: info@stopthestack.org
(734) 528-2922