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E-M:/ WEPCO Power Plants in North Marquette

Enviro-Mich message from "Alex J. Sagady & Associates" <ajs@sagady.com>

This issue (See below) affects the large electric power plant units located 
on Lake
Superior on the Northern edge of the City of Marquette

.....issues involve "trading NOX" emissions between WEPCO
plants in Wisconsin and this one near Marquette.

Deadline for comment coming up rapidly on Thursday.

Comments to:  Teresa Walker, MDEQ Air Quality Division
(517)335 2247    walkertr@michigan.gov

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Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:14:49 -0400
From: "Tom Maki" <MAKIRT@michigan.gov>
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Hi Alex - here's an email I just sent for posting at Enviro-Mich.   The
Notice of Air Pollution Comment Period didn't appear in today's issue of
the DEQ Calendar, and the hearing is coming up this Thursday evening, so
I thought I'd send a posting.

Regards,                                         Tom Maki  8/26

DEQ Air Quality Division
Upper Peninsula District Office
phone  906-346-8503
fax  906-346-4480

Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 14:11:51 -0400
From: "Tom Maki" <MAKIRT@michigan.gov>
Subject: Wisconsin Electric Power Company, Marquette
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"The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division
(AQD) is proposing to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
between the states of Michigan and Wisconsin and with the Wiscon Energy
Power Company, d.b.a. WE-Energies.  The MOU will allow for the trading
of oxides of nitrogen emission credits between several of the company's
plants in Wisconsin and their plant in Marquette, Michigan.  WE-Energies
is intending to comply with the requirements of Rule 801, for the
control of oxides of nitrogen (NOx), through Michigan's Part 12
emissions trading rules.  Prior to acting on this MOU, AQD is holding a
30-day public comment period and a public hearing to allow all
interested parties the opportunity to comment on the proposed MOU.  All
relevant information received during the comment period and hearing will
be considered by the decision-maker prior to taking final action on the

The above notice appears on the DEQ-Air Quality Division web page.  The
complete Notice of Air Pollution Comment Period and Public Hearing was
published in the legal notice section of the Marquette Mining Journal on
August 15, 2002.   It was also to have been published in the August 26,
2002 issue of the DEQ Calendar, but was inadvertently omitted.

"The public is encouraged to present its written views on the proposed
action.  Written comments should be sent to the Department of
Environmental Quality, Air Quality Division, P.O. Box 30260, Lansing,
Michigan, 48909, to the attention of Teresa Walker, Strategy Development
Unit.  The decision-maker will consider all statements, received by
September 14, 2002, prior to taking final action."

"The public hearing will be held on August 29, 2002, starting at 7 pm
in the Michigan Conference Room at the University Center, Northern
Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan."

"The company is required to make NOx emission reductions at their
Milwaukee area power plants and plans to "over-control" several units to
create ERCs for use at the Presque Isle plant.   These ERCs will be used
to comply with the Michigan's NOx emission limits in Rule 801.  The MOU
is required pursuant to Michigan's Part 12 emission trading rules as a
mechanism to implement interstate trading of credits."

Three documents relating to this Memorandum of Understanding should be
available from the DEQ Air Quality Division web page:   a Notice of Air
Pollution Comment Period and Public Hearing, a Staff Report, and the
draft Memorandum of Understanding.  Alternatively, interested parties
may notify me by e-mail at makirt@michigan.gov, and I can return these
documents in PDF format by email.

DEQ Air Quality Division
Upper Peninsula District Office
phone  906-346-8503
fax  906-346-4480

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