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E-M:/ Great Lakes Bioneers Conference, October 18-20, Northwestern Michigan College

Enviro-Mich message from Geoffrey Habron <habrong@msu.edu>


There are quite a number of MI folks presenting workshops here including, 
Terry Link (MSU), Jim Crowfoot (UofM), Patty Cantrell (MI Land Use 
Institute), John Nelson (Grand Traverse Bay) among many others.

The Great Lakes Bioneers Conference, organized by the
                          Neahtawanta Center, SEEDS and local educators, 
will take place
                          here in Traverse City, October 18-20 on the 
campus of Northwestern
                          Michigan College. A live satellite downlink of 
plenary sessions from
                          the Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California 
will be part of this
                          debut regional event.

                          Since 1990, the Bioneers Conference has assembled 
a unique
                          cross-cultural and global gathering of 
"biological pioneers" using
                          nature to heal nature. The unique Bioneers 
culture focuses on
                          solutions informed by the biological truth of 
interconnectedness that
                          is essential to mending living systems and our 
relationship as human
                          beings with the natural world. During the plenary 
                          internationally known scientific and social 
innovators will share
                          working models for restoration that can be 
replicated, refined and
                          spread around the world as vital keys to 
environmental and cultural

                          The workshops will be lead by local and regional 
resource people
                          who will share their experience and insights on 
various topics,
                          including food & farming, renewable energy, 
simple living and
                          ecological medicine. In addition to the plenary 
sessions and
                          workshops, the conference will offer an exhibit 
area for vendors and
                          informational tables sponsored by local 
organizations, evening
                          entertainment, and an opportunity to gather and 
share with others
                          who are working on sustainable solutions 
through-out the Great
                          Lakes region.

                          This is the first year that the Bioneers 
Conference has initiated
                          regional satellite Bioneers conferences; we have 
been chosen along
                          with sites in New Hampshire, Arizona, California, 
and Toronto,

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