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Re: E-M:/ Transfer tax

Enviro-Mich message from "Bonnie Shupe" <BONNIES@cannontwp.org>

I'm no attorney, but it is my understanding that this is not allowed in the State of MI.  If anyone knows any differently, I stand corrected, but I am almost certain this is illegal.  So are impact fees.  Too bad - they are both ideas we should use.
Bonnie Shupe, Cannon Twp. Clerk

>>> "Kathleen Bolton" <bbolton@ees.eesc.com> 08/27 5:35 PM >>>
I've heard that some states have a "transfer tax" where developers pay when
land is developed and the monies go into a fund to preserve open space. Can
anyone tell me if this can be done in Michigan and if so at a township
level? The Supervisor has asked the township attorney to look into the idea
but hasn't heard anything back yet, I thought maybe someone on enviro-mich
would have the answer. Does anyone know the pros and cons of such a tax? If
anyone is aware of someone I could contact for more information that would
also be appreciated.

Kathleen Bolton
Deputy Clerk/ Ray Township
Treasurer/ Project Coordinator Macomb Land Conservancy

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