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E-M:/ Posthumus-Bennett Record (sampling)

Enviro-Mich message from "Daniel Farough" <daniel.farough@sierraclub.org>

Key votes in Posthumus-Bennett's legacy of anti-environmentalism.  Other
positions, such as Posthumus' standing against expanding the Bottle Bill to
include fruit and beverage containers are not included below.


Lifetime Environmental Voting Record*
Dick Posthumus 13%
Loren Bennett 0%

*Combined average from Clean Water Action and Sierra Club Legislative
Scorecards since 1993

Public Health Protection / Clean Up Standards Roll Back - Both Posthumus and
Bennett supported House Bill 4596 (1995), which made contaminated site clean
up standard 10 times weaker by reducing health protections from 1 in 1
million acceptable cancer deaths to 1 in 100,000.

Polluter Secrecy/Audit Privilege - Bennett sponsored and Posthumus supported
Senate Bill 728 (1996) which allowed polluters to keep illegal discharges
secret if found during an internal audit and granted polluters immunity from
prosecution when voluntarily disclosed and action taken. (Roll Call #185

Whistle Blowers Penalty - Posthumus and Bennett voted against an amendment
to Senate Bill 728 (1995) offered by Senator Wheeler-Smith, which would have
stricken a measure penalizing “whistle blowing” employees with a $25,000
fine for reporting a polluter’s illegal discharge if the illegal discharge
was found in a secret internal audit.(Roll Call #590, 11/8/95)
Out-of-State Waste 1 - Both Posthumus and Bennett voted against a provision
in Senate Bill 941 (1996), sponsored by Sen. DeBeaussaert, which would have
blocked out-of-state waste and ash that fails to meet Michigan
standards.(Roll Call #470, 5/28/96)

Out of State Waste 2 - Both Posthumus and Bennett voted against a provision
in Senate Bill 941 (1996), sponsored by Sen. DeBeaussaert, which would have
blocked the disposal of out-of-state waste in Michigan if the state or
country of origin has waste disposal restrictions weaker than
Michigan's.(Roll Call # 469, 5/28/96)


Hazardous Waste Review - Posthumus voted against an amendment to the DNR
budget earmarking $100,000 to assist citizens in obtaining an expert
scientific and technical review of an application to build a hazardous waste
landfill and an underground injection well. (Roll Call #268, 5/5/93)

Perpetual Care Trust Fund - Through their votes on HB 5867 (1996), both
Posthumus and Bennett supported the cap on the “Perpetual Care Trust Fund,”
which was designed to protect Michigan taxpayers from paying for future
clean up costs due to contamination from landfills. Unfortunately, instead
of landfills paying a 75 cent fee per ton, a vote was taken to put a cap on
this amount thus making Michigan more attractive to dumpers. (5/28/96)

Great Lakes Drilling Ban - Bennett voted against Sen. Peters amendment to HB
5691 (2000), which would have banned the practice of slant drilling along
Michigan's fragile shoreline. Later, in 2002, Bennett switched his vote
after public pressure overwhelmed the legislature.(6/20/00)

Clean Water Fund - Bennett voted against Sen. Debeaussaert’s amendment to HB
4065 (1999), which limited special bond money for monitoring to $10 million
in order to ensure bond dollars were used for cleanups rather than to
subsidize the DEQ budget.(6/10/99)

Stormwater Pollution - Bennett voted against Sen. Peters’ amendment to HB
4065, which would have designated $10 million in grants from the clean water
fund to help communities prevent or reduce stormwater pollution effecting
Great Lakes water quality. (6/10/99)
Remove Local Control over Animal Factories - Bennett voted in favor of SB
205 (1999), which prevents local governments from using zoning power to
protect public from siting of animal factories in their communities. (Animal
factories cause water and air contamination and pose threats to the public
health.) Posthumus also supports removal of local control.  (12/9/99)

Split of DNR and DEQ - This was an executive decision that Posthumus wrote a
letter supporting.  One critical element of the decision was Making Site
Review Boards advisory instead of Binding.

Polluter Bailout/Oil and Gas - Posthumus and Bennett voted to approve the
expenditure of over $90 million in taxpayer funds to pay oil companies,
lawyers and others not to pollute Michigan's Nordhouse Dunes. (Roll Call
#647, 11/9/95)

Toxics - Posthumus and Bennett voted to allow lakes and streams to be used
as “treatment devices for polluted groundwater being discharged to surface
waters by supporting an amendment to HB 4597 (1995), which gutted Michigan’s
landmark “polluter pay” law. (Roll Call #188, 5/4/95)

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