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Re: E-M:/ Woman allegedly uses gun to halt manure spreading

John, could you please forward to me the health hazard information.  I would be very interested in seeing it.

>>> John Klein <jtklein@frontiernet.net> 09/05/02 12:50PM >>>
It is obvious from Kenneth Vermeulen's statement that he has little
firsthand experience with amount and frequency of the odor produced by
these animal factories.

I question whether he has had to alter his lifestyle as many of us have
had to do. My family has been forced to this after 16 years living in
the same house because of the recent construction of a large dairy .

We frequently have to close windows in warm weather, both day and night,
because of the odors. In some months it is more than 50% of the time. We
now start our day by checking for odors before we open windows.

We have had to apologize to family and friends about the obnoxious smell
as they were leaving a gathering early at my home.

We have had to make plans to not be at our own home, because of the
putrid smell and danger from these odors. Both the Iowa and North
Carolina studies have shown that the odors contain dangerous chemicals
such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These odors are not only
offensive, they are a health hazard.

We are now forced to consider relocating family and business because of
the dangerous odors (and the excessive pollution of our waterways).

Just because something is legal, doesn't make it right. Not too long ago
in our nation's history, we had something called slavery. I do not
condone the Athens Township woman's action, but I do understand her

Profit for these animal factories should not come at the expense of the
neighbors and the environment.  Changes need to made quickly before the
land is destroyed for future generations.

John Klein - President
Environmentally Concerned Citizens of South central Michigan

Kenneth Vermeulen wrote:

>  According to the victims and witnesses of the assault, the woman
> loaded the shotgun in front of them, thus the felonious assault
> charge.  This is the second time in recent memory that a "neighbor" of
> a farmer, legally spreading manure in conformance with all applicable
> laws, used a loaded shotgun (in the previous incident near Hudson,
> actually firing the weapon) to try to intimidate farm workers from
> doing their job.  I certainly hope that the Sierra Club would be as
> outraged as I am, and join me in publicly condemning this
> behavior. While I understand that we may disagree as to whether manure
> should be recycled as a substitute for synthetic fertilizer, and
> whether the laws should or should not protect that activity, there can
> be no disagreement that currently, the law is very clear, that manure
> spreading, at agronomic rates that do not threaten surface water (but
> may certainly smell for a day or two) is absolutely legal, and in
> fact, encouraged.  This is regardless of whether the manure comes from
> small farms or large. I look forward to your public condemnation of
> this woman, and anyone else who would use terroristic measures to
> advance their political agenda. Ken Vermeulen
> >>> "Anne Woiwode" <anne.woiwode@sierraclub.org> 09/04/02 06:37PM >>>
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> I can't find it on line, but on August 21 the Battle Creek Enquirer
> reported
> that the day before a woman in Athens Twp, in Calhoun County, fed up
> with
> the horrific stench of VDS Farms LLC spreading liquified manure on
> farmland
> rented next door to their home, blocked the tanker truck with her
> minivan
> and wielded an empty shot gun to get them to stop. She and her husband
> had
> previously asked the workers to stop, but when they left the spreading
> started again.
> Her husband said "When you're sitting in your living room, it's like
> sitting
> in a toilet.... I tried to tell her we should go through legal
> means.... but
> she lost control."  She was reportedly simply looking forward to
> spending
> some time at home and was frustrated with the smell, according to a
> State
> Trooper. She was expected to be arraigned on charges of felonious
> assault.
> Life, liberty, and the pursuit of crappiness evidently is the new big
> three.
> Anne Woiwode
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