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RE: E-M:/ Woman allegedly uses gun to halt manure spreading

All of this hardly seems worth responding to.  Of course we condemn illegal means to achieve objectives.  This is part of our mission statement that I am sure you are already well aware of.  The policy is obvious and can be applied universally.  But you already know this, so why spend so much time on this subject?  The fundamental question is what caused this action and how to stop it at the source. 
Ken, are you charging your animal factory clients for these silly musings about Sierra Club's mission statement and positions??
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Because the message came (without condemnation) from the Director of the Sierra Club's Mackinac chapter!  If she didn't send the message in support of the woman's actions, it sure read that way.
Still waiting for a response from Sierra Club. . .

>>> Andrew Mutch <andrewimutch@yahoo.com> 09/05/02 12:19PM >>>
Can you explain why the Sierra Club needs to
publically condemn this behavior? Did this woman claim
to represent the Sierra Club? Did she claim that her
actions were sanctioned or justified by the SC's
statements or positions? 

I'm not arguing that her actions were justified. But I
think you are maliciously trying to make a connection
between this woman's actions and the strong stand the
SC has taken against agri-business who willfully
pollute Michigan's rivers and lakes. There's
absolutely no basis for any connection unless YOU are
trying to advance a political agenda. When examples of
farm pollution occur, I do not demand that every
farmer in the state condemn the action, although I'm
sure that many would. Instead, I demand that the
polluters be held accountable for their crimes. I
don't see why this case should be any different. This
woman, not the Sierra Club, needs to answer for her
actions if she acted outside the law.

Andrew Mutch

--- Kenneth Vermeulen <VERMEUKW@wnj.com> wrote:
> According to the victims and witnesses of the
> assault, the woman loaded
> the shotgun in front of them, thus the felonious
> assault charge.  This
> is the second time in recent memory that a
> "neighbor" of a farmer,
> legally spreading manure in conformance with all
> applicable laws, used a
> loaded shotgun (in the previous incident near
> Hudson, actually firing
> the weapon) to try to intimidate farm workers from
> doing their job.  I
> certainly hope that the Sierra Club would be as
> outraged as I am, and
> join me in publicly condemning this behavior.
> While I understand that we may disagree as to
> whether manure should be
> recycled as a substitute for synthetic fertilizer,
> and whether the laws
> should or should not protect that activity, there
> can be no disagreement
> that currently, the law is very clear, that manure
> spreading, at
> agronomic rates that do not threaten surface water
> (but may certainly
> smell for a day or two) is absolutely legal, and in
> fact, encouraged.
> This is regardless of whether the manure comes from
> small farms or
> large.
> I look forward to your public condemnation of this
> woman, and anyone
> else who would use terroristic measures to advance
> their political
> agenda.
> Ken Vermeulen

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