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Re: E-M:/ Woman allegedly uses gun to halt manure spreading

Ahoy,  I also find it difficult, perhaps impossible, to publicly condone the women's alleged actions. But I am more concerned with the fine line between civil disobedience and criminal conduct. Remember, we are dealing here with the basic human right to breath clean fresh air!  And the women does have a right to protect her family and property from aggressive hostile actions. Personally, I abhor guns, but assume that her shotgun was legal even if some say her actions were not.

Does anybody have any details as to her status? What has she been charged with? Is she sitting in jail?  Does she have access to good legal defense?

If anyone close to the event would make sure this courageous women is not railroaded I would be glad to make a modest donation and hope others might join in helping this family to elevate this to the visable legal fight that her husband had originally suggested.

Peace and Progress

Rob Cedar
HEAT- Hamtramck Environmental Action Team
City of Hamtramck Councilperson