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Re: E-M:/ Woman allegedly uses gun to halt manure spreading

Enviro-Mich message from "David E. Allen" <dallen@nmu.edu>

Grant - and others:

We have to keep in mind scale effects.  There is a difference between a 
farm with 70 cows and a CAFO with 700.  It was the disingenuous lack of 
attention to this detail that is driving this discussion.  I, for example, 
am not anti-farming, but I am anti-CAFO.

Dave Allen

At 04:35 PM 9/5/2002, Grant Trigger wrote:
>Enviro-Mich message from "Grant Trigger" <GTrigger@honigman.com>
>This is the best summary of the issue yet - I am frustrated by the broad
>brushed attacks on farming - the way these comments get spammed and the
>"polluter" label being tagged on farmers is just not fair.
>My brother no longer keeps any cattle because of the amount of work and
>the low return - maybe the vegetarians think this tactic is a good idea
>- and those who want any farmland next to a residential home abandoned
>to other uses can cheer.
>I suggest that anyone who lives in the country should live with farm
>noise dust and odor or move to the city - the bubbling concept of
>controlling fugitive dust on farms is the next ridiculous idea - try
>wetting a field before it is worked!!?  We always tried to spread manure
>and harvest or work ground on days when the wind carried dust and odor
>away from homes - as most farmers do - but sometimes it is not
>So lets put away our weapons and focus on joint strategies WITH the
>farming community

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