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Re: E-M:/ Woman allegedly uses gun to halt manure spreading

While I don't condone this lady's actions, I can certainly understand it.  We live in the country on a quiet dirt road and enjoy the normally peaceful atmosphere.
Between two large fams across the road deciding to have the sludge spread, our quiet country road has become a thoroughfare for trucks.  They start before 6 a.m. and average 8 an hour until just before dark. 
They barrel along at 55-60 mph and it is a miracle someone hasn't pulled out of their driveway and gotten creamed.  Our pictures are shaking on the walls, decorative plates are crashing to the floor and the pets need tranquilizers to calm them down.
We are thankful to have AC so we don't have to open the windows to the smell, but our less fortunate neighbors are living with this putrid odor 24 hours a day. 
Yes, spreading manure has been around since farming began but not in the amounts and not with tanker truck after tanker truck. 
Luckily my husband locks the guns up or there might be two women in jail for attempting to stop these trucks.